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being mum even though if a petition reaches a certain number that is sent to the white house then the president and the white house has to answer it plus the fact that the only way justin bieber could wind up shipped back to canada is if he is found guilty of a crime like murder . other wise the white house is being mum on if it would even consider deporting justin bieber. not saying any thing but just using the petition issue to try and push for immigration reform according to some who signed the thing. yes a petition got signed asking the white house to deport justin bieber. which given his behavior he is liable to wind up leaving the u.s just to get away from all the hate himself. plus the fact even if the white house were to take the time to answer it the answer would be no the president could not unless justin was convicted of a crime deport bieber besides deporting him back to canada the way he is behaving would be a little mean to them.

not only now will boston being in less then after today 24 hours till the start of the first marathon after the bombing . but in a show of support from others boston is busy getting things ready including having emts on hand and security measures as the marathon come monday sees an increasse in runners about 3600 hundred runners arriving to compete plus also in that same 24 hour mark boston will show and send the message how strong it is by having the race a year after the bombing. as in 24 hours now after today boston kicks off and sees the marathon happen as runners are arriving and last minute prep work still going on plus also runners coming to test their mental and show support for boston and its resilenc. the big question is who is going to win the thing now.

and finaly looks like some of the ones making the pitch on shark tank learned to do their homework over their ideas including making it known that yes they do have the patents for their thing. even as some of the ideas pitched were just another reinventing of a old thing .from a couple of guys selling a new enviromental safe light bulb. even saying they have the patent pending but the sharks passed on it then came a father son team with a new way to keep wine and also olive oil fresh. a deal had. then a book sub no deals. plus a lady who is selling bed kits who was so spacey one by one the sharks went sorry no. plus turns out the breathlyzer thing all the sharks bought into is doing good guns. the thing that allows your phone to determine if your way over the limit. as finaly a few ideas proved that those with them learned when entering the shark tank make sure to do your homework including making sure to have the patent for your product or like the light bulb. have it pending to aquire it.

even though odds are the charges that have just been filed by bryan singers accuser that he raped him at a orgy will due to the statue of limitatons not to mention some find it suspecious that with the release date of x-men days of future past approaching which has bryan in the spotlight and given how well the x-men like other marvel films due box office wise some see the charges as a money grab. the charges will wind up going no where in court fox is in a quandry mostly how to make sure bryans legal mess does not hurt x-mens days of futures past box office and also the next film aoa too mostly fox has to decide let bryan keep being part of the x-men films or do they wind up letting him go over the rape charges he is facing mostly to protect their franchise from taking a hit due to his name being part of the film as director even though hollywood has proven to protect one of its own even if they are charged with something like rape a quandry for fox keep bryan singer with his legal mess part of their x-men movie franchise or mostly to try avoid box office damage and risk the right back to marvel and disney. let bryan have to go .

proving that some times helping out a loved one can wind up not only creating a story that cheryle thorpe and her daughter Neskia davis will be sharing for a long time to come. but also proves that mothers best intentions can even go a little off the tracks with out meaning too. in this case cherle winding up stealing a car.for when Neskia had her other come in to take care of her dog while she and some girlfriends went to miamie for a girls weekend. she decided given new yorks strange parking laws. have cheryle also move their cars so they did not get a ticket. and cheryle did move the cars only after Nesika returned and her friend went looking for her car since cheryle moved her daughters and friends car too to avoid them getting a ticket given new york has laws that state a car can be parked on one side of the street during the week. turns out cheryle wound up with out meaning too took and moved some ones elses car. for turns out the key to her daughters friends honda some how also opened the doors of the car she took by accident. and when the cops after being told what happen the cops let them go not buying the story. and so they put up flyers and reunited the car cheryle had taken by accident with its true owner emille who had no hard feelings when she learned what happen.all that they had to then do was pay the impound fee of 190 bucks for the car. and both mother and daughter now have a story to tell. about how one good deed by cheryle wound up her committing car theft.

and thus obamacare keeps bearing fruit for the president and little by little it become more and more totaly into play including some repubs saying the repubs made a mistake by not having an alternate plan instead of the house contiuning to try and repeal it completly. as the total now shows 8 million people signed up for it . over the 7 million originaly stated the goal of it the president wanted right after he prepared to nominated former sec of health katherine replacement sylvia which he will have to soon fight to get her confirmed. or get enough dems to stop any filebuster attempt. but mostly the act once again bears fruit the president can be happy about and more ammo to prove the act is good. while causing the repubs to go sreaming repel the act is wrong the president is not telling the whole story including the bad stuff like those who had to replace their plans with the act. and the house no doubt will soon go for another repeal vote. as the numbers of the total sign up 8 million some fruit for the president and maybe some help for dems who are going to have the thing used against them in midterms.

and at long lost surprise surprise the red and blue teams manage to even with some celebs eating at the chefs table. and gordon screaming a few times due to uncocked lobster and fish and scalops from the guys . the teams manage to complete the diner service yes complete after five episodes at last complete a diner service and no one set packing . but in the end the ladies wound up sending beth home who was even in tears begging not to go home. plus the ladies showed they have in in for sandra. as hells kitchen managed to have a diner service get completed by the guys and ladies for once.

interesting given that when mike rounds decided to go after tims open senate seat that conservative groups like the tea party started screaming and hunting for an alternative for their agenda and wound up with four challengers to rounds. that one would think by now they would be spending their dough and attacking rounds trying to turn repubs to their candidates or worse turn voters to weiland . but surpringly even to rounds so for those groups are not doing any thing but sititng on the sidelines watching the battle play out for the primary yes the tea party and its other groups who are against rounds not being conservative enough are just sitting on the sidelines though the other reason is they don’t like the ones trying to get that title from them against rounds. as the tea party and other groups are being quiet when it comes to going after rounds with their own attacks. and thus risking helping rick so far. things may change later after the primary. epsicly if pressler starts doing damage to rounds soon.

and thus even as tony eyes wu and spencer even after with his help winning the reward which was spa day and spencer did not reveal he had an idol. in the end and due to tony getting more parnoid . and one lady winning the immunity. in the end and now adding to the jury lj in a blindside by his own alliance went packing voted off of survivor. as jeff once again warns the tribe that the time is coming when alliance members will reach the point where they will go after each other to be in the finale. which is sure to increase tonys paranoia more. as another blindside adds to the jury on survivor lj.

and with now only two weeks till the derby and another attempt at finaly ending the streak of no triple crown winner . the bragging has already begun by the top derby contender and fav california charms owner who is already saying he sees california charm winning the derby . so far just saying winning the derby not winning the triple crown since that one would be a little bit egostistical of him and two no one knows how not only the derby will turn out but the preakness and belmont are still a long ways off to start bragging that ones horse is going to be the one to end the streak of no triple crown winner. plus the fact california charm faces some other compettion come the derby other horses looking to be the one . including the under dog moving fast to be a derby fav. wicked strong who already has the backing of boston mostly due to its owner being a boston native. as the bragging has begun with only two weeks till the first part of some horse setting themselves up to try and finaly end horse racings streak of no triple crown winner. owner of california charm derby top contender starting to say he will win getting his ego going already before the run for the roses and maybe california charm set up for a triple crown run.too boot. two weeks and california charm gets to either prove his owner right or his owner eats crow.


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