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and now in 24 hours a judge will be writting what is the latest chapter of the saga of sterling and the quest of the nba to have the clippers not in his control any more . by issuing his ruling on the three issues one does shelly have the power to sell the clippers for the 2 billion she did. or is don as he claims the only one who can. plus also will the judge just order the sale to go through any way. or will the nba have to resort to auction . but mostly a judge will be writting another chapter in the saga of the clippers since donald lawers stated they will file an appeal and move for injunction to stop the sale even if its okayed plus the anti trust suit don filed saying the nba can’t legaly strip him of the clippers. as the saga gets another chapter written in 24 hours. of the clippers and sterling parting. which is amazing the stress of this whole circus he is pulling because he does not want to admit defeat has not wound up killing donald and thus giving shelly a free way to close the deal. with out any more noncense and waste of legal resources.

making it known after teasing it all through the season that besides the family guy cross over. the produers of the simpsons state at long last that the question of what simpson character will join maude and edna in heaven will be answered. in the season premire. with the title of the episode kind of hinting at its going to be krusty for the title of the season 26 premire is called clown in the dumps. which kind of means krusty bites it and is dumped in a grave though it could be hinting at his father the rabi or even sideshow mel. or in real big thing for the show non other then sideshow bob bitting it since he is a clown too. and evil one .but given the title its proably krusty . as the simpsons producers finaly say the premire is where fans will learn who croaks after teasing it all last season. but kind of hinting its krusty. by the title.

making it known before they go running again till sept. the house and senate fixing the v.a and also making sure vets can get health care they need.  a deal that would fix that finaly has been reached by both heads of both vet pannels in the house and senate which among other things will let vets if they have to get care outside the system. and also gives funds to the v.a to hire more doctors and staff to deal with the back log. both sides made a deal that now lies in not only the pannel passing the new version but the house and senate voting on it and getting it to the president. and given how its their big priority before they run again. as a deal reached to fix the v.a and avoid another medical scandal. fate winding in the senate and house for a vote again. a final version. and given how they want it done odds are the thing will some how pass even if boehmer finaly has to tell the tea party to shove it.

when it comes to tax breaks one thing congress will never let happen is any expire even if it helps those the repubs seem to be against like the poor . and middle class. as the house is now working on renewing the child tax credit but unlike the other times they have renewed it their version will die in the senate or the odd chance it slips through even watered down the white house has made it known it will veto the bill should the president get it on his desk. mostly because the house put in their bill an amendent that would taking a shot at the illegal imgration scandal deny the credit to those who enter the country or are illegaly even if their kids are born citizens. but mostly dening the credit to immigrants. the president will vetoe that version even though the senate will proably kill the bill and the house will not want a senate version without the denial. though will wind up since congress does not want any tax breaks dieing no that is bad a no no for congress for tax breaks good can’t burden people with too much taxes. as the house risking a vetoe on what is normaly easy to do renewing the child tax credit due to  the house using the bill against another issue .

besides officialy at their film pannel later today at comic con. making it offical that the second guardians of the galaxy film  will be directed by james gun. who may have also be up for avengers three. at one time. marvel other big news is proably most fans figure confirming the rumors since their first choice of cumerbach has stated given his busy scedule with all he has going that taking the role of doctor strange would be near impossible to do. that news marvel will proably reveal is that the rumor that Joquin Phoenix has finished talking to them about playing the sorcer supreme doctor strange. since some saw him buying a bunch of doctor strange comics which most figure is for research. that marvel big news besides showing some footage of avengers two age of ultron. and a a second guardians of the galaxy film by james gun. is that they are going to to have Joquin phoenix signed finaly to be doctor strange that all the talking going on is going to produce a deal though no word on if it will be one of those multipictures deals every one who plays a marvel character signs under marvel films. as the big news that may be revealed today by marvel is they have their doctor strange and as rumors going around it is indeed Joquin phoenix who to me would be better as baron mordo. the baddie. for there is still time for them to pull a fast one and say joquin is mordo and worse jared letto is doctor strange. but odds are now that marvel will finaly once and for all today at comic con make it official doning the mantel of doctor strange on the big screen. is going to be Joquin phoenix.

and right after the full house finishes voting to okay boehmer sueing the president. next for both the house and senate are bills that will finaly fix the v.a and the vets health care system mainly try and make sure that the v.a gives the care the vets deserve and also that vets mostly can not have such a wait trying to make an appoint some wind up croaking and the v.a covers it up.  to the cost of about over 3 billion in the house differant price in the senate two bills dealing with the same issue which once both pass their bills then comes trying to make a final version that can take all the elements the house will accept and the senate will accept and a final version. and trying to also get it done before congress once again goes running for the hills. as congress tackling trying to make sure the v.a gives vets the health care they need to be giving including the main issue that caused the v.a to be imerged in a scandal making it so vets can get in even to just make an appointment without waiting so long that they even croak from age.

and even with a team of his former hells kitchen team mates back after scott won the last challenge between him and jason which was make a five course meal that was judged by a pannel of five of the greatest cooks in the world and in the end scot won. then he and jason has to pick their teams to help them cook their final diner service before one would walk away winning hells kitchen . and as always in hells kitchen the former contestants proved some had a grudge against jason and scott which had them both tell one contestant i want you gone. scott just moving the member from the garnish station and replacing her. jason not so gentle restoring to not only call akisha slow as a goose but would love to just throw her out the door. but both managed to make it through the service and then came time for the doors one opening as the winner the other nope. and once the knobs turned scott walked away the winner of hells kitchen. even his own former team mates trying to sabatoge him failed scott in the end had what it took to win hells kitchen.

and though proably by this weekend when marvel has their comic con pannel. Lucy lawless character that is coming to agents of shield now will be named and maybe like lady viper or madam maysque though from what Marvel is saying besides keeping her role hush hush till ready to talk more. Lucy lawless will proably be a member of shield and agent coulson and crew still rebuilding from last season will wind up with some back up . or maybe part of the new threat not to mention agents of shield hopefuly learned from their first season and will be improved espicaly with Lucy lawless playing in the marvel universe now by showing up on the show in a yet to be named character. though she would be perfect for a marvel movie like she hulk. as agents of shields returns with a visit by lucy Lawless former xena warrior princess. in a yet to be named role for season two. proably coulson new boss or maybe the new baddie.

and thus the top forty eight acts were made finaly with the judges showing how hard their job is . espicaly when it came time to make some cuts. that included almost all the male singers going though nerves played apart in most of them bombing including the senior citien guy . plus also telling some of the kid acts sorry your not going on to radio city for the live shows and going for the million. the bands even though they still played original songs ticking off howie manage to do better. some go through. and the judges also had a touch call with the strong guy acts cutting among one of them the middle age guy who pulls car with his teeth did not make it for the next rounds. as Howard , and Howie. and Mel and Hedi. wind up doing the hardest part of their jobs as judges on americas got talent . makeing the cuts for the top forty eight for the live rounds then more cuts till the acts that are left to try for the million.

and thus proving how much they dislike the president and willing again to waste tax payers money though at least its not trying to repeal heealh care the house has okay letting John boehmer speaker of the house of all people go ahead and sue the president. yes the house voted and okayed letting John file his suit against the president on the grounds the president is not filling his duty and enforcing the laws. but the lawsuit main issue is the health care law and the mandate about every one having insurance including business supply their workers some.  but mostly the lawsuit is just the house and repubs showing how much they dislike the president and want to make his job hard  plus the fact waste tax payers money on a legal battle that hopefuly a judge throws out of court and if not the thing gets shot down by the justices of scotus but mostly gets thrown out of court. a sign that maybe its time to clean house now. as the house showing their stupidity and blinded by their dislike of the president okay letting boehmer go through with his lawsuit. hopefuly it gets thrown out of court.


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