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making it known that it will take time for the u.s can not just march troops into syria to take care of isis for the president stated still forming and deciding the best course of how to handle isis in syria which the president ideal thing would be the u.s forming and helping a coalition of the countries isis is threating by as one susggest arm like the kurds in iraq and also train the troops. but mostly using planes  and no u.s troops. as the president plans to figure out the best move. harry reid has made it known that once the plan is finaly decided on if it includes some troops going over and helping train fighters or just arming the rebel. he sees congress backing the president including the repubs. yes isis is so evil that even the repubs are saying they will back the president once he has come up how the u.s will protect its interests and protect its people over in the middle east. even if its weapons being taken and troops to help arms the rebels. the president may wind up having no trouble getting congress to back him for dealing with isis.

stating sorry nope no fourth season. fans of logmire now must accept last seasons finale as the last episode of the show. even as the creators are planning to try and get some other network to bite and resurect the show for one more season or also try and do a arrested development community thing and try and resurect the show online. like netflix or hulu .  the produers not wanting Logmire to go out  after only three seasons. though odds are a&e has manage to now send logmire to tv heaven. logmire got axed by a&e

not only is survivor blood vs water going to have the players be made up of someone and a loved one sibs husbands lovers. but adding some controversy and no doubt already making him a target before he even lands on the island. one of the players for survivor blood vs water is former nba player johny rocker who wound up not only making waves over his sports illustrated interview where he made some nasty remarks giving his opinion about what he thinks about new yorkers. but also some racial and homophobic comments to boot. which is one reason he is an ex nba player . for  if he is recognized by the other players from his sporting days odds are they will remember his comments and may be gunning to send him packing by the very first tribal . plus also coming  to survivor exile island again but with a twist one being the one voted to it has to battle his or her partner then the loser goes home the winner goes back in the game and gets a clue to an idol but has to search for it in front of the persons other tribe mates and  knowing what an idol means in survivor odds are who ever comes back from exile will be screwed if they get the idol clue.  as survivor blood vs water not only has players vs loved ones but some controversy brewing from the likes of former mlb player john rocker and exile island to boot. survivor premires sept 24 with a ninety minute show.

and thus now proably headed to their honymoon some  where after in france having the much waited for by hollywood  in a quiet ceramony in france brad pitt and his long time love and mother of his kids. angelia jolie.. finaly tied the knot. and now they are going to  be part of the club of hollywood couples defending and denying the tabloids saying oh the marriage is over and she or he files for divorce. given hollywoods track record of marriage . as brad pitt and angelina jolie now get to add denying they will divorce already after having the much waited for wedding by fans and hollywood at long last. next the tabloids denial and showing their new marrige may last till death do they part.

and now officialy joining the club of those who have tried to find love doing a reality tv show aka the bachlor or bachelorrette. the newest bachelor who will be trying to find love among the ladies vying for the rose . is chris soules  who had his heart broken when he was on his season of the bachlorrette. now gets to try and find true love. and he says he is humbled and happy to be picked. even as one person is not happy about it for another former contestant named aaron wanted the job but told nope chris got it instead. as the new bachlor is officialy named . now chris soules.

like all sports the one thing players besides having a bad game or not have fans even show up at the games is when due to their budgets the team has to wind up making some cuts of players and for the nfl its part of business just like the draft. as players including even sam michel who is still trying to find out if he at last has a slot with the team that picked him is also like all the other players hoping and praying he survives the dreaded and to most nfl players what is hell in sports the nfl cuts .  as players who have not even gotten the okay on the roster yet now must prep for proably not even being allowed to play in the nfl for the season due to cuts and budgets. as dread for nfl players including sam michal approaches the dreaded nfl cut day.

and not only did the americas got talent judges get to reveal their act they are bringing wild card. from mel bringing back bad boys of ballet. to some jump ropers. to howie bringing back that one illusiniest mike sturer who left his puppet damion at home this time. and of course performances by some of the acts that made it last time but one front runner a singer had the judges not happy in fact hedi told him that it was his first bad performance. plus now not only will the acts learn their fates again to go on but one act will find out they got the audience vote save since viewers get to vote to save one act. as not only were wild cards revealed by the judges but one act may wind up with the fan save waiting for their fates again.

and proving to them old still is tops both breaking bad and mondern family did well at the emmys including mondern family getting its 5 one for best drama. and breaking bad though long done still mange to get some enmmy love the top show including actor nods for bryan cranston and aaorn paul. plus even julia lewise dryfus got one for veep and thus also proving no love for games of thrones or orange is the new black and none for walking dead as old still remains the top for the emmys which also had a nice tribute to robin williams by billy crystal.

and cutters luck still hold but barley for after victoria won the mystery box challenge she used the advantage to go after some rivals as pairing them in teams to cook timpora but the catch is that only one would cook at a time then switch which had  laura and cutter working together almost driving each other nuts plus leslie and emily being like oil and water. but in the end after leslie and her pulled it off and laura and cutter barley manage to make it at last since though their timpora was in the bottom kristian and big willies was the worst and big willie wound up after having a meltdown wound up leaving master chef yes big willie one of the top runners brought down by timpora. as now six remain can cutters luck hold out a few more times till a master chef winner.

and not since the finale of the soprano’s and also the recent departure of mythbusters tori. carrier and grant. have fans being upset caused twitter to almost meltdown. the cause last nights finale of true blood have fans on twitter not only comparing it to the sopranoes one or the messed up one of lost but also seeing red.  the big two points that has fans upset. spoilers warning bills death  at last due to the hands of sookie. but mostly still spoilers warning sookie winding up at the end years later with some happiness with a bun in the oven but the baby turns out to be from some faceless guy who fans only see the back of his head. yes some unknown stranger whose full face puts a bun in sookies oven. end spoilers. fans are not too happy with it on twitter saying if the produers of the show wanted to see blood by fans they did it with that ending as true blood goes out leaving fans seeing red. and blowing up twitter with their shock and dislike. comparing it to the ending of the soprano’s . and unless a movie happens looks like true blood wound up leaving the air with their fans foaming at the mouth over its ending mostly the part of the mystery baby daddy of sookie.


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