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and thus in a double dose and kicking off family guys new season . the simpsons and family guy crossover. after peter and his family have to leave quhog fast they wind up in springfield and after their car is stolen hook up with the simpsons. for thrills. from brian and chris losing santas little helper.  to peter and homer becoming drinking buddies. to lisa inspiring meg  to find her talent and it turns out its playing lisas sax then carving her name in blood on megs arm. then stewie taken with bart and yes the telling moe bit that his sister is being raped remain in the thing. stewie proves to wind up showing why he is evil by kidnapping all of barts enemies and torchering them making nelson eat his shorts. which bart then says okay you are too creepy. then homer and peter wind up fighting when it turns out quohog beer is a rip off of duff and peter is sued with the judge being fred flinstone who rules in favor of duff. so the family guy cast prep to leave but not before homer and peter have a knock down drag out fight and then make up . as the family guy shows they and the simpsons are a like in some ways but thankfuly the simpsons are not as crude with their sense of humor as family guy sometimes. and stewie proves he could give maggie some evil lessons.  and is one messed up pycho cartoon toddler.

and spoiler warnings for those who did not see the simpsons season premire. but turns out the character who was suppose to die was krusties father the rev krustivky voiced by legend jackie mason . for after krusty bombs and is told he is washed up at his own roast he goes and asks his dad if he is truely funny only to have the revs last words be ehh. and dies. so then krusty not only feels dejected at the funneral that also had an appearance by side show bob paying his respects. but  it takes bart to make krusty see that his dad was indeed proud of him but could not say it . by taking krusty to the rev his dad went too and found him using krusties bits to make his congragation laugh.  as joining maud and mrs. krabapple in simpson heaven now krusty’s father passes and the simpsons no longer get jackie mason to work on the show.

they may have been denied the chance of the kirby case over the issue of work for hire. but the justices may still get a chance to deal with copyright issues as conan doyles estate is asking the justices to hear an appeal asking that the last  ten books have the estates copyright enforced due to a new sherlock book coming out. the ruling should the justices decide to take the case which in 24 hours they are going to meet to start talking and deciding the term.  could effect other characters too like james bond and winnie the pooh even though disney owns the copyright and superman yes the sherlock holmes case could also effect the superman appeal and final of the long battle over the rights. as sherlock holmes may have a date to be with the justices of scotus . will know in 24 hours .

and thus hours to go now and simpsons fans will finaly learn the answer that has been talked about since the last season ended. mostly what simpson character will bite the big one and die. with the top choices still being krusty or his father. though also talk was moe or even homer himself. but now fans will finaly learn the answer plus also get the simpsons visiting family guy too in the cross over tonight. as the simpsons new season arrives with a death  of a character finaly revealed who it is.

if though doubtful the justices of scotus now that disney and jack kirbys estate made a settlement in their legal battle. mostly because disney and marvel were so scared scotus would have said to mikey and spidey fu and we  will hear the case. if they still want a comic book case dealing with the same issues they could take up and hear the appeal that the estates of super mans creator joe sigel and jerry shuster filed. after a appeals court gave warners the full rights to superman. saying that shuster estate gave up their rights when they made a deal to get some money for joe who was blind and destitute. plus also stripping siegels estate of their copyright which they had claimed under copyright law to action comics number one. if scotus still wants a comic book case dealing with most of the same issues as the kirby one they could still take the super man appeal. but odds are they won’t

and thus mostly to avoid risking scotus proably weighing in and deciding that marvels practices when it came to work for hire stuff like deciding that once a creator back in the early days of marvel signed their checks they were singing their rights away. was bad.  with the justices being intriqued enough to wind up monday in chambers talk about and debate about taking up jack kirbsy appeal of trying to reclaim the copy rights to some of the marvel characters he co created that his estate under the copy right law filed claims to take back kirbys rights which an eappeals court ruled for marvel .  marvel wound up making a settlement with jacks estate. and thus avoided risking the justices deciding what would have been one of the most watched cases of their upcoming term plus weighed in on what counts as work for hire . and was kirby estate actully in their right to reclaim the copyright to his co creations like the x-men captain america which he co created with joe simmon and scotus ruled already that simmon and him owned the copyright not marvel.  and the fantastic four. dismarvel wound up to avoid the justices maybe even considering the appeal made a deal with kirby. which means proably long over due back royalties. but mostly disney was scared the justices would have said yes to the appeal. the way they were intriqued with all the briefs they were getting asking them to do so.

and kicking off its new season with a two hour episode the sharks of shark tank returned with more deals and also some advice for would be enterperners. from a couple who made some musical swadling clothes got a deal.  to a guy who turns out was big in hollywood and the rap world wanted some many to open a guys nail salon the sharks passed . then came a pair who wanted a deal for their franchise  which was a wedding wagon only turns out they sold their original one that would have really sealed the deal and thus no deal. plus a guy who came in with a new type of coffee mug go no deal but Lauri told him improve his one and maybe come back he is not ready for the big time.  then came a device by two college kids for people to store their cell phones when they are drinking no deal. plus the one left his own phone it the prototype. then came a pair who created some special golf clubs. and walked away with no deal till the one revelaed that because he decided to do this that he now has no money to bring his fiancee over to the u.s plus she had to sleep in a car but her family now thinks he is not worthy of her. robert wound up helping them out mostly with the idea he later tells the sharks when the wedding date is. as shark tank has returned for another season of  shark tank. with deals and advice and the sharks once again out for blood and money

and thus after its journey trapped in development hell for ever. the film rights to y the last man standing which is a bout a guy named yorick who after a plaque wipes out all males on earth with his monkey amersend takes a journey across the country to reunite with his love beth. by brian k vaughn and  pi gurrera.  new line was the current studio trying to bring the thing to the big screen but as one film instead as most suggested a trilogy of films ala star wars. or as a tv series. but now that is not happening as the contract stated the thing had to be filmed by a certain time or the rights revert back to the creators. and the rights according to pi have now reverted back to him and bryan which means y the last man standing done in live action is now dead. unless bryan and pi want to continue trying to get hollywood to bring it to life and more development hell. other wise y the last man fans sorry no live action version now. so no speculation on who would have played yorik. creators get rights back from new line. film version in movie heaven now. never to see the light .

and figured that seems to have been part of the president term that sooner or later a cabinet official decides to leave after so long. and now added to the list and is sure to cause a big fight in the senate to find a replacement since the repubs will be looking closely at any nom.   now comes word that once his replacment is confirmed. attorney general eric holder. will be leaving the president revealed he regined. eric as ag leaves a legacy of things from refusing to have doma defended which lead to it being over turn by soto. to working to defend voters rights . but also  leaves like not doing more and arresting those who caused the economic meltdown or getitng repubs mad by not turning over some papers when they went after the project known as fast and furious holding his own  liked him or not eric holder as ag still leaves an impressive legacy of work. the biggie helping doma get overturned. and die. as next now the president has to find a replacement with the senate says they want one in place before the election . even repubs. with one lead being the solicitor general alex.

Given all the scandals the Nfl are in . the creators of south park could just do a whole season  alone of south park. as the nfl got the treatment kicking off the new season with cartman. stan . and kyle and kenny deciding they wanted to form a start up company and make enough money to sit on their butss. but find every name they want is taken till they find the red skins due to loseing their trademark because of the scandal and demand of name change. wind up finding it and getting it which has the owner of the red skins mad and demanding they change the name then also taking a shot as com goodell they have the guy go talk to him and find he is robot . plus the new company is getting a lot of funds from kickstarter till the bears destroy kickstarter and the owner of the dejected redskins plays the cowboys alone which causes a backlash to the boys company  that they wind up giving it up .after taking kickstarters place. plus also taking a shot at isis as using their company too. as south park kicks off the new season going after the nfl the red skins in their sites though would not be suprised if matt and trey do weigh on the other nfl scandals sooner or later. maybe next season.


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