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and thus proving that when it comes to studnents once again the repubs and some dems favor the college loan companies making a fortune instead on high rates as a for the second time a bill that would allow people to refinace their student loans at a lower interesting rate got blocked again in the senate guess the repubs must really want to make an enemy of the bills sponsor elizebeth warren so she runs when her seat is up again . never the less the senate is sure to try again on the bill. but sadly proably not till after mid terms since congress only planned to work this week and then run. as once again students  have to be at the mercy for hopefuly till the bill finaly passes of high interest rates and some shaddy loan shark like lenders. in the market almost as the repubs in the senate keep the bill to lower rates from moving to passage though maybe the next time  it will pass

if nothing else the judges should be happy all they have to do now is just promote the finale tonight make the talk show rounds  for Howard. Hedi. Mel and Howie don’t for once since the season began don’t have to cast a hard vote for who they think is deserving of the final six to win americas got talent that is up to viewers. now as  the final six are now playing the waiting game  on learning who walks away with the crown.  will it be one of the singers. or will it be franco the first magician to win the show. or will acrodynamics win . as the final six await to learn their fates  and who got the crown of agt and the judges just have to promote and watch too don”t have to cast the vote .

and proving all it takes for the nfl or other sports to maybe get their heads out of their butts over certain issues. like domestic violence after amzer bush made it known to the vikes they could pull their sponsor ship and lead to others following. the vikes wound up deciding to citing till all his legal issues are resolved. bench peterson over the scandl of him abusing his 4 year old kid using a tree branch that left welts on the boy. and maybe now abusing another son. the vikings decide originaly peterson would play but now mostly due to fear and proving in the nfl money from the sponsors talk.s the vikings did a one eighty and peterson is benched for now though wonder how long before sponsors finaly get the vikings to drop peterson for good.

and tonight the first part of americas got talents finale will have the final six in do or die mode performing one last time for all the votes and judges okay to win for mess up and its over with no more chances saves or any thing its bye bye any way since one act will be named the winner. as the final six now are in do their ulitmate performance the result one million bucks and a performing contract. its do or die for the final six as they will give their all on the finale of americas got talent which means the judges are like the begining of the season going to have a hard time picking a winner in the end. for the final six are that talented. as do or die for all the marbles kicks off for agt finale tonight one act will win it all.

and taking a lesson from the nfl as the vikings start dealing with the fall out from petterson scanal with  hotel change pulling its sponsorshp of the team now because unlike rice Peterson is going to be allowed to play sunday. taking a page from that scandal and also the rice one and one of com bud serling now final acts soon. mlb is now in the works of setting up their own policy when it comes to domestic abuse which may be that if a player is charged with hitting their spouse  or kid even though peterson said he was just displining his kid  the new policy would proably have a player suspended right away and fined. and also required counsling. for him as the mlb is taking a play from the nfl scandals and not waiting till one of their own shows up in a viral video using their spouce like a punching bag or trying and going over board displining their kid with a weapon they should not use. moving to put in play a new policy that will send a loud message to players maybe violence not tolorated. price will be paid of your job.

and even though due to a screw up with one of her pies in the last pressure test between her and leslie since jessica won the last challenge and went straight into the finale. courtney manage to wind up in the finale also all due to leslie making one mistake by putting salt in one of his pies  which in the end after surviving every pressure test leslie finaly fell. and thus the final was jessica vs courty and both gave it their all even when jessica huband fainted from shock. in the end  when all is said and done courtney wound up winning master chef .even if she also ate part of her dish ment for the judges. she manage to in the end prove to be the top cook for master chef and won it.courtney the new master chef winner.

and then there were three left on master chef. as tonight at long last after cooking their way and for leslie cutters luck finaly failing and he got sent packing at last. after cooking through their competition. tonight either jessica , victoria or leslie will be one of the master chefs final three to walk away as master chef and win it.  as master chef comes to an end tonight with either jessica victoria , or Leslie of the final three chefs walking away with the master chef title. the question who will it be.

even though she stated that she would not decide on if she is officially running for the presidency never the less.  the moment Hilary clinton showed up in Iowa for a fund raiser along with bill. the tonques started wagging that she was since Iowa is the first key state and the state all presidental canidates go to to start off the run. tonques started the wagging and the is hiliary finaly ready and testing the water for a presidental bid that polls already show her having a good chance to win. as  a visit for a fund raiser and of course more book promoting has the toques and talk already that hiliary is finaly gearing up for a a presidental run  testing and laying the key ground work by visiting iowa. though she denies it.

and thus  24 hours from now the view kicks off not only its new season but a new era. from new hosts  joining whoopi . by way of rosie perez and o donel and also nicole representing the conservative side. plus also the view will be in the hands of bill wolf and producer as  long time producer bill gedes  decided to move on to other things. though the view will still have behind the scenes barba walters as producer other wise the view returns now in 24 hour kicking off a new begining and era and a changed show from hosts to producer to even a set. plus buzz wondering how long rosie o donnel will last as a view host before she splits again or the view has her leave to avoid any more damage she could cause by her personal view on some topic.   as the view returns with a whole new begining in twenty four hours.  yet still the show some what barbera walters created it to be at its core.

even though the house has voted on delaying some parts of the health care act. including delaying having small business have to get into insurance pools.  the big priorty for congress to get done before they go running again till  the lame duck and new congress takes over. is spending bills. mostly to keep the government from shutting down something the repubs don’t want to happen for it would then wind up hurting them big time in the  mid terms including trying to regain the senate.  not to mention they shut down the government over health care.  but mostly to avoid a shut down . congress big thing is passing the spending bills. plus also giving the president the okay for the air strikes in syria agaist isis now. the official nod. as congress race to be done this week two biggies. okay for the president to use a military response against isis now with bombings. and avoid a shut down due to running out of money.


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