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and which is not really a surprise as the nation takes in the justices of scotus what some say with their ruling made a move to put affirmative action into a casket. by ruling that mich and other states who have banned using the thing now for things like college entrace. upholding them. now will proably have the states that do not have a ban looking to pass their own. and no doubt south dakota may be one of them now. as the states like with some ruling of scotus to comply now may soon be looking at with them all but laying affirmative action into a grave by their ruling since for it to apply nation wide all the justices have to agree on the ruling and two distended as states now will figure out how to respond to scotus ruling which will no doubt be new affirmative action bans. now that the justices said they are okay .

and thus when all was said and done with an occansial performance from shakira and adam and blake with their teams. in the end and with the old fan twitter save for the last slot of the top ten. the top ten on the voice got named. with the ones going home being danny and tj. leaving josh, kat, kristin for the bad mike did not work against her. adrion jake. bria, kristina, sosondra, and tess going on plus both blakes and adams team are still in tact. as the top ten named on the voice . which will then be down to eight and so on till some one wins the voice.

at least one should be happy the case did not give the justices a chance to try and make some repubs dream come true the demise of the civil rights act. instead ruling 6to 2 and showing that maybe proof some more that race and color should not matter at all. mostly maybe a nail in a future coffin of affirmative action. the justices in a 6to 2 ruling upheld citing the constitution itself and the courts prior ruling on the issue does not give judges the right to undermine the right of voters uphodling michs ban on using race as a decision along with other states ban and some exectuive orders by governors. even as the two justices who disent said the ruling tramples miniorties rights. other wise scotus with their ruling stated that the bans are just allowing mich to not use race when it decides something like admission to collegs. any more trying to equel the playing field. and doubtful congress will over turn this ruling .

and thus the first boston marthon post bombing wound up going off without any chaos and with after thirty years the title and the winner of it being an american as kelpzoin keif crossed the finished line first and thus became the first american to win the title . plus also the woman title went to an american too as boston pulls off the marathon with out any craziness or chaos and some history of an american winning it after thirty years

hopefuly though given how kristin proved her stuff on the voice by still singing when her mike malfunctioed and she waited for a new one. hopefuly if kristian some how winds up one of the top twelve going home tonight on the voice its due to the votes and not a mike malfunction. as the top twelve will now tonight become ten and unlike idol the coaches don’t get a save unless its wound up introduced tonight as part of a a new twist for the voice. as the top twleve learn which ten will go on and will a bad mike wind up playing a part in the results like kristie going home as one of the two.

and thus if the battle rounds were intense for the contestants on the voice both sets since every one were such good singers now comes tonight the one part of the voice where the contestants that the couches picked to go on really have to show their stuff if they want to be in the finale. as the live rounds start tonight which means some one could go home and by the time the live rounds are over a couch could proving how high the live rounds are for them to could wind up taken out of the finale with their team gone. yes adam. shakira, blake and usher could wind up sitting in the chair watching their fellow coaches who still have a team fight to win the crown. as the live rounds now begin on the voice high stakes for couches and the top twelve getting to the finale. and a new voice champ. adam trying to catch up to blake and win again. plus also helping to give blake the start of a streak of not winning the voice .

and now all that is left since this morning the first of the 36 thousand runners took off to kick off the start of the boston marathon a year after bombs set off and did damage. and also in a show of bostons strength and resilence to come together after the explosion plus also some runners are taking part because they did not get to finish the race last year. as all eyes are now on the runners who are running to finish the 26 miles and also watching boston show a year after tragedy its strong and going to go wild when one by one the runners cross the finish line . as runners are now lose in boston looking to test their speed and edurance running 26 miles.

happy easter

hope every one who decided to follow this thing has a nice happy easter and a big thanks for wanting to follow this here blog. happy easter

hard to believe that its already been 15 years since two disturbed kids named darren kebol and eric wound up going nuts and shooting up their school killing one teacher and twelve students.the worse schools shooting ever that changed the way schools now try to keep students secure as eyes are on littleton col as survivors mark and look back at that tragedy survivors who lived it looking back and remembering and trying to heal some more . for scary how 15 years have already passed that due to the actions of two disturbed kids a town in col named littleton became the place of carnage and a symbol for gun control and making schools change their ways of protecting student but mostly another way for the survivors who were there that day a way to continue to heal and remember their classmates who became the victims. espically the seniors that year that a high school in a colorada town became ground zero of carnage and death by two disturbed people. 15 years out already. hard to believe how fast time flies including remember tragedys like columbine.

and as the voice gets ready in 24 hours for the live battle rounds now which will bring some one closer to winning the thing and also the coachs in danger of having no team to go on. turns out that parnel will not be the only new coach sitting in the chairs for taking over for kristina while she is pregnant with her set to return to the chair next spring. turns out joining parnel as a new coach is gwen stefani. yes gwen when the new season of the voice starts will be sitting in kristinas chair even though the voice could have just had skakira stay put but guess she was too busy to be able to do so . and so the voice not only gets parnel taking over for celo but gwen stefanie now is going to be sitting in the chairs too while kristina is out expecting a bundle of joy. as the voice also gets ready for the live knock out rounds in 24hours.


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