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given how the heavy snow in buffalo not only has buried people into their houses who also are trying to keep their roofs from caving in now. but also the snow has covered the buffalo bills stadium too  so they can’t host the game this weekend. at least not now till monday as the nfl and the bills revealed fans will get the game after all but postponed till monday now and in a new location which means the bills will be doing some traveling even though they are the host team. it was that or no bills game at all . all due to mother nature

and now after revealing his immigration move. the president has to sell the thing for support. mostly dems who don’t want to risk any more political damage and the public espicaly the ag area since the president did not include them in his plan including making it easier for them to higher migrant workers which they soon may have to do even illegaly. but mostly the president has to sell the thing to congress to back him something given the repubs reaction and screaming shut down . impossible to do worse it could make them finaly pass a plan of their own and make the order moot but that idea is a fantasy when it comes to congress. as repubs see red while the president takes the next step trying to sell his immigration plan.including for those it effects who need to buy permits for the thing to even work.

as more and more ladies come forth and say cosby did get inappropriate with them including drugging them and raping them. though the claim by janice dickson cosby who is still silent on the thing. his lawer says are false. one thing is clear the damage is done to cosbys career for not only has netflix canceled a special featuring him but nbc pulled the plug on plans for a new series to bring him back on tv now. even though no pilot or okay was even given yet.  plus now tv land has followed suit pulling the cosby show from rotation for good including the plans for it to be part of their thanksgiving marathon. as bill cosby even as comedy clubs for a while  let him perform. as cosby career now goes down in flame. and next will proably be his plans he was thinking to resurect fat albert. even though a d.a looking into the ladies claims say due to the statue of limitations cosby will never be in a court room and the ladies who say he raped him won’t get their day in court for some justice. other then cosby proably start wrtting checks to his potential victims. though no matter what the scandal that cosby is not so pure and prayed on ladies looking at him as some one who could help them.  has done its thing cosby career now damaged as hollywood runs. maybe some justice for his victims. espicaly if the rape kits now requested in this thing prove that yes cosby did do the evil deed to his accusers after all. damage done cosby career goes down in flame due to charges he could not keep his pants zipped and forceably drugged and raped some ladies. for how long before the comedy clubs say no too .

and thus now  the match got lite over immigration as the president revealed his plan among it delaying deportion for a few years for some egible immigrants including so called dreamers kids who were brought illegaly here  but not a path to citizenship yet. plus also telling homeland security to now just focus on watching and deporting any one crossing the boarder who poses a threat to the u.s  free up some also granting work permits and green cards to some . but mostly delayed deportaion  for those who quilify . as for what repubs can do to try to stop it besides finaly passing a immigration bill at last. the senate version.  is one cause a government shut down to try and defund the thing but that will wind up hurting the repubs and two they really can’t defund the order for the immigration department gets its funds from fees for green cards and visas. plus they would be violating the law if they try it .  so one other option sue again. or as boehmer says just add to the suit over the president using his executive orders.  as a fuse is lit now for a storm by congress and the president over immigration reform. scramble by repubs to see what they can do to stop the presidents actions. options really limited without them paying a political price along with the dems who side with them or even dare to go along with the president.

even as congress preps to go running off for the holiday . one thing is clear that some time today once the president finaly reveals his immigration plan using executive order he will have lit the match to a firestorm with congress that already has some talking about shutting down the government. or impeachment again. but mostly the big option shutting down the government talk. though congress can also just fight him on his plans by not funding them at all which is more and more likely since a government shut down would be bad for the repubs after getting power . as a firestorm is about to be lit by the president over his immigration plans.

and what ought to make josh now happy given how he tried and tried to get rid of jeremy he now has to share being on the jury with his rival as jeremy got voted out in the tribal counsil. from some in the tribe giving up their reward to go to exile. to  will doing some snooping and finding keith has a hidden immunity idol in his bag and then stealing the bag and letting the others know he has the idol which causes chaos and in the end and now  going to be one of those who decide who will get the million. jeremy the big target goes to the jury now.

and what not only proved that aaron on hells kitchen still has a lot to learn including not deciding that screw this i don’t want  the chance to have gordon ramsey as my boss a chance a lot of chefs kill for and try to get on hells kitchen for. but aaron decided nope and handed gordon his jacket. after the blue team lost another service and then bryan goes postal up in the dorm while the blue team was deciding who goes and just daring to get punched. in the end aaron said screw this i don’t want to be here i quit. and making excuses like its not for me now i need more training but mostly as one of the red team members said making a coward move by handing his jacket knowing he would have proably gone any way. as for the first time in hells kitchen a contestant not only quits. but tells gordon shove it i don’t want to work for you .

and now joining keystone. the bill that would stop the nsa from gathering the phone records of  innocent people . that got revealed by ed snowden. wound up like the keystone bill wound up coming short to pass in the senate . and the new congress  has no plans to revisit the thing till proably sneaking into renewing the patriot act later in the year. other wise since its fallen short by only a vote the nsa will still be able to be without meaning to sweep up peoples phone records. as congress can’t seem so far to get key bills going at least in the senate.  so far will number three bill succeed.

and thus with the fan vote picking bryan sills sending sugar and one other lady home on the voice and thus leaving one coach down their team as adam and parnels teams wound up remaining in tact to now go on to the next round and closer to the finale. as after fighting for votes. the top twelve wound up now ten. as one by one teams were saved. and then down to bryan sugar and one other lady and bryan got the tweet vote. so now the top ten of the voice have to do it again next round trying to be the one.

and thus the president can be happy he does not have to use his vetoe pen and make the repubs fired up and mad. since they don’t have enough to override one. though the new senate with the repubs running it will just vote and pass keystone pipeline again and then get the vetoe but for now congress and repubs lost a battle with the keystone pipeline being reality and facing having the president write veto on the bill.  for now as keystone goes down by the senate.


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