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if nothing else those who want a balance budget  amendment to the constitution should be given cred for still not giving up trying to get the 34 of states needed to okay the convention to draft the thing with the group once again making plans to try and get south dakota on board as state thirty four. yes in 24 hours backers of the idea will be meeting in sioux falls and having a discussion on how best to try and get the idea passed for one way would be to have congress to draft and pass the thing which takes 2 thirds then 38 states would have to ratify it or they can which would be a much easier method given the state of congress where 34 states can be in agreement to call for a constitutional convention which would have delagates from the states draft the thing and back to the states for ratification  which has some support for 24 states have said they are game and there are even plans for a bill to show up  when south dakotas legislature meets next year. even though every other time the thing has been shot down in south dakota the big reason fear that the delagates at the convention would not just stop with the balance budget thing but use it  for other agendas. and even wording included in the bill to limit  the con to just the balance budget amendment . even though the thing has no chance ever of passing congress  since the thing would mean the goverment would have to balance the budget which means some congress members could see their pay and perks go away and also some  military cuts  aka pet projects would not happen any more.  under it. even though proving they will not give up a group wanting a balance budget amendment is now planning to start the ball rolling again by getting south dakota on board starting in 24

and thus after all this time the pressure finaly gets to jamie as not only when the final six wind up taking over a diner. and not only does gordon wind up with shades of hells kitchen from telling cutter and leslie to knock it off or he will send them both home to telling the blue team that their one dish that is cooked by courtny yes do no wrong courtney the front runner winds up screwing up . and it does not take ling and her and jamie after cutter and leslie  and liz win the challenge. and kristian wind up doing the pressure challenge which is to make the dessert cockle bush which is where one makes some pastries stacked high like a bush. and the three give it their go but jamies in the end comes out so hard gordon can’t even cut it and thus in the end jamie goes packing and thus leaving the top five for master chef now. and cutter still holds on . though odds are it will proably be down to courtney and liz  as the final two or christian and courtney.

and thus summer ending now with labor day here but also the old mda labor day telethon which goes on still  running with jerry lewis not in the drivers seat three years now . not only on a new network abc that has made an agreement to host the thing but also wound up with a total of when all the pledges were taken and such of 41, 996,421  funds that will help researchers get closer and closer to  not only finaly curing mda for good but also making the telethon a memory in the future  as was jerry lewis goal when he started the thing long ago as summer truely winds down now with the mda telethon happening and taking in now 41 million bucks to bring it closer to being a tv memory some day . and ridding the world of musclear dystrophy

and not only has guardians of the galaxy ends summer for marvel and disney by still being number one at the box office but its number one of all holiday films.  taking in over 289 million more  and thus keeping the top spot with turtles still two and also king of the summer holiday films too. though with fall coming now and new films with some buzz guardians is soon to lose the  top spot as summer ends for disney and marvel on a high note. guardians still number one yet.

and thus besides the battle for tims seat being one of the kesy the repubs need to control the senate. south dakota also is gaining some power too again as senator thune has been picked to head the commerance commitee including being in charge of dealing and helping control the internet. for the new era.  but mostly  for south dakota its means power again and thune will take over once congress is back from the break and this also means south dakota will have some power over some key issues with thune in charge. even though the thing could hurt thune in the long run since south dakota has had a habbit of getting some power in washington then turning around and losing it by voting out the person who gained it. as south dakota comes up roses in washington with senator thune becoming head of a powerful commitee. the commerce one including being in charge of regulating the internet.

and thus so close but yet so far away as with bids for the bills due next week and fear that the group that john bon jovi was now a part of that was looking to buy the buffalo bills.fear that they would get out bid mostly due to bon jovi pockets not being like warren buffts the group kicked out bon jovi thus derailing his chances to own a nfl team even though bon jovi says he is looking for other partners and going to get the rest of the funding from a bank who will give him a loan to buy the bills though time is not on his side as bids including a ten percent down payment on purchasing the bills is due next. week as bon jovis plans to own the bills gets a monkey wretch his partners bail from him saying his pockets aren’t deep enough for them to continue working with him to aquire the bills. though he is not going to give up . the big question is is bon jovi still alive to make a play for the bills will he find new partners in time . and in the end who will be owning the bills. at last as bon jovi nfl plans hit a snag partners give him the boot  while he is ready to make what would be their bid and bring him close to being an nfl owner at last. a fast miracle needed for him to make that a reality yet.

proving how not only that wesly snipes must really be nuts. for one new line no longer owns the movie rights to blade and two given how nasty and a pain he was on blade three. marvel and disney were they to actully do another blade film would be nuts to work with him. including even finaly considering him for black panther .  for thanks to wesly snipes telling some reporters he is ready to do a fourth blade film. Marvel head honcho kevin feige is soon going to have to officaly come out and say nope wesly is wrong there is no blade four in the works. for blade does not fit in marvels current plans right now. movie wise though that does n’t mean maybe in a future like a netflix series or something and two odds are when marvel does decide to revisit blade it would be some one new as the half vampire half human vampire killer. not wesly snipes. as marvel now thanks to wesly thinking that new line still has the rights to blade that he is going to soon be doing blade four . marvel is now going to have to start talking and stating for the record officialy no blade plans and none with wesley given how he was a such a pain to work with last time . plus the other news marvel will soon be annoucing is that they have officaly have Joquin Phoenix signed and playing doctor strange. for word has it he is in final talks to dome the eye of amagtoe and the mantel of the sorcer surpreme even though he would be better as mordo. as marvel is now going to have start setting the record straight that blade four not happening and stating that wesly snipes is wrong to think so and claim other wise.

making it known that it will take time for the u.s can not just march troops into syria to take care of isis for the president stated still forming and deciding the best course of how to handle isis in syria which the president ideal thing would be the u.s forming and helping a coalition of the countries isis is threating by as one susggest arm like the kurds in iraq and also train the troops. but mostly using planes  and no u.s troops. as the president plans to figure out the best move. harry reid has made it known that once the plan is finaly decided on if it includes some troops going over and helping train fighters or just arming the rebel. he sees congress backing the president including the repubs. yes isis is so evil that even the repubs are saying they will back the president once he has come up how the u.s will protect its interests and protect its people over in the middle east. even if its weapons being taken and troops to help arms the rebels. the president may wind up having no trouble getting congress to back him for dealing with isis.

stating sorry nope no fourth season. fans of logmire now must accept last seasons finale as the last episode of the show. even as the creators are planning to try and get some other network to bite and resurect the show for one more season or also try and do a arrested development community thing and try and resurect the show online. like netflix or hulu .  the produers not wanting Logmire to go out  after only three seasons. though odds are a&e has manage to now send logmire to tv heaven. logmire got axed by a&e

not only is survivor blood vs water going to have the players be made up of someone and a loved one sibs husbands lovers. but adding some controversy and no doubt already making him a target before he even lands on the island. one of the players for survivor blood vs water is former nba player johny rocker who wound up not only making waves over his sports illustrated interview where he made some nasty remarks giving his opinion about what he thinks about new yorkers. but also some racial and homophobic comments to boot. which is one reason he is an ex nba player . for  if he is recognized by the other players from his sporting days odds are they will remember his comments and may be gunning to send him packing by the very first tribal . plus also coming  to survivor exile island again but with a twist one being the one voted to it has to battle his or her partner then the loser goes home the winner goes back in the game and gets a clue to an idol but has to search for it in front of the persons other tribe mates and  knowing what an idol means in survivor odds are who ever comes back from exile will be screwed if they get the idol clue.  as survivor blood vs water not only has players vs loved ones but some controversy brewing from the likes of former mlb player john rocker and exile island to boot. survivor premires sept 24 with a ninety minute show.


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