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happy thanksgiving.

wishing everyone who follows the crazyness here at this blog including new readers. a very happy thanksgiving.

and thus only by one vote did wes wind up on the jury on survivor. yes one vote as after the reward challenge john was as expected once reed due to natile finaly giving up mostly for pizza and beer in the immunity challenge due to not taking being on the pole any more and reed in so much pain that jeff had to walk over to put the necklace on him. john was a target with the plan to make them think keith is going . which wound up with idols flying and both john and keith saving themselves and wes by only one vote went to the jury yes one vote that has not really happen on survivor which i can remember. as idols fly and the jury gets wes now . which means both john and keith will have to scramble with their idols gone.

and now after today even though some stores to get the jump on deals and shoppers are going to be opening tomorrow on thanksgiving day meaning some of their workers instead of planning some rare holiday time off with family will be punching the clock. in less then twenty four hours now what  is tradition for bargin hunters will start black friday  or better  given how some shoppers go to these things and get crazy . what i refer to imo as a human shark feeding freny since some who dare go and shop at stores during black friday wind up going crazy to get the so called deal acting like a shark does during a feeding freny . as retailers count down the clock and prep for the other holiday tradition for some crazy bargin loving shoppers. black friday less then 24 hours away now after today heaven help the poor retailer worker who landed the black friday shift.

and thus now  some exec will soon be deciding if del torro will get to soon play in the dc film verse with his film using all the magic characters including constatine which with swamp thing also involved proably going to be the only live action appearance of the two since the tv show says swamp thing is not happening and too costly to do for now.  as del torro is now a step closer to maybe getting to do just that and showing dc fans what a dc film is like with his film making magic as he just turned in the jl dark script for warners to look over and proably decide besides some rewrites when the thing is finaly a go at last. mostly giving the green light . or proably del torro having to tweak the thing. as del torro  has now handed warners the key for them to let him come play in the dc film verse. plus also let fans have their constatine swamp thing live action meeting since it will be along time for the tv show to do that. jl dark script now in warner’s hands at last and next telling del torro either tweak it for another go round then okay set it up. but mostly soon finaly letting the dc film verse get a touch of del torros film magic at last

and as ferguson tries to get its self calmed down and the cop who was involved in the whole mess does the talk show circuit admiting if he had to do it over he would still shoot mike brown mostly out of fear for his life. now as ferguson tries to restore order. congress is weighing in on the whole mess with plans for the senate judicary pannel to now hold a hearing using the thing on a race disparity the plan for the hearing dec 9 which should give congress time before they run away again for xmas break. though sadly it took loss of a life for finaly a much over due talk about race relationship and how  disperity  seems to be  alive and growing again. too bad it took the chaos of ferguson and the loss of life . as now the senate is giving their say on ferguson by holding a hearing on race disparity. which should be interesting for the repubs on the pannel given how they tried in the recent election to commit voter surpression including with blacks.

citing that nbc still is in favor of the show even as fans of constatine including its cast and producers rally fans to keep watching it to get it its second season plus the fact for nbc it would kind of be strange to have stars matt ryan and the actress who plays zed be part of the macys parade. for nbc says that constatine could get a second season. yet which the producers say that if so that they would be looking at the hard choices storyline fast tracking. as nbc sends constatine fans in a panic and rallying to get it a second season by only having its first be 13 episodes no back nine. but saying show not canceled.and filling its slot when the season finishes could be hanibal. or some other mid season show. as constatine may now have to use a little magic to make sure it survives for season two now that season one is short by nbc.

and then with the teams fighting to be one of the top eight including even risking doing a whitney huston hit.  twos fate will be revealed tonight on the voice . as two more go home. and one couch could wind up going to the finale with out a team. yes for the top eight could wind up not only cutting one coaches team but also meaning a coach will be sititng out the finale just haveing to watch the two in the final battle with soon another coach. as two mores dreams get stopped on the voice.

and even though browns family can still file a civil suit against the ferguson police force and darin wilson. plus the justice department could still charge him in shooting brown.  other wise wilson is not going to have to face any legal stuff for shooting brown as the grand jury came back and decided not to indite wilson for the killing. which now means ferguson is in chaos and cops haveing to use riot gear like tear gas again. due to the riots that was expected when the grand jury decided if wilson was going to have to face some action for killing brown. deciding nope he will not. which for browns family is justice denied for a bit for their is still a civil suit maybe and the doj could indite him yet federaly.

and thus now its the top tens turn on the voice to fight for their lives to stay in the game as part of the top eight and then maybe all the way to the finales. plus also the top ten are fighting to get the votes too and also make sure one coach still at least has something in the game for by the time the top eight are named one coach could wind up with no team at all for the result show. which would be an interesting way for gwen and parnel to end their first runs as coaches. winding up with their team member not only not part of the top eight or so but having no team at all now. as the top ten fight to be left as the top eight on the voice.

and given how the president had eric holder decide to no longer be ag. now comes word though the president said it was due to needing a new game plan for isis . even though he said he would serve his full term of four years. plus some will now say that given how the president looks like a lame duck that his staff are just moving on right away. not to mention the hard battle the president will have to get a replacement given congress . other wise another cabinet official bites the dust. sec of defense hagel quits. which isn’t something the president wants to say he is thankful for .


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