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and not only proving why weird al is the master of parody after all these decades but also knowing how to use things like making stuff go viral. weird als stunt of releasing a video a day of one song eight in total. from his new cd mandatory fun. wound up with the record weird als first number one in his career and last for a record label since his contract is done and he plans on just singles. the videos included everything from a parody of parnnels happy. to royal. one video a day which has wound up proving not only does weird al know how to use social media to its advantage but also his eight video a day paid off with madatory fun now his first number one he has ever had.

and what should really make the house happy and the repubs happy since odds are an appeal will wind up on the steps of scotus too. a judge has ruled that the subsides offered for people as part of the act to help pay for the health care plans are illegal. that only if a state has set up an exchange can the subsides be used. yet in virigina a pannel ruled that the irs did act legaly in setting up rules for the subsides and getting the tax collect. a divided courts with an appeal pending over the ruling that the subsides are now only legal if the state set up an exchange. as the battle over obamacare is still being fought in the courts which ought to make the repubs happy since odds sooner or later an appeal will be eyeing scotus. the house might as well stop trying to repel health care now and just sit back and see if the courts try.

cutter though odds are given how he can do nothing but piss off the judges and as gordon pointed out his stuborness is getting in the way of him truely being a master chef contender. cutter thanks to elise who not only had to have some medical attention but came back after wards to finish cooking her 450 buck salmon yes the chefs as a their challenge had to cook a king salomon worth 450 bucks and not watching gordon as he prepared one how to best slice the thing and then frank cooked it and joe ate it. with arann winning . then elise confidence really took a dive when adam gave them a basket joe filed with stuff from his home country of italy that include a lot of wines to cook with. elise dish did not turn out good. plus cutter once again pissed the judges off squadering what he had making a pizza minus yeast . with the stuff. pissing the judges off but in the end and surviving once again like a cat . elise goes home due to her confidence fading. on master chef. with cutter luck proably going to run out next episode at last.

fox made it officlay known besides stating that the long talked about death of a character will now be the season 26 premire sept 9 . not only that the show will also have jane fonda lending her voice as mr. burns new girlfriend maxine lowbad and william defoe as barts new teacher mr. massen who bullies him. but the big news for simpsons fans is that besides the family guy crossover. the crossover with futurama has a air date . nov 9. the crossover has the planet express crew journey in time when its discovered bart does something that has bad results for the future plus fry and Lela must also stop bender from killing bart to prevent the event. yes bender is on a mission in it to kill bart. as fans of futurama and the simpsons will be getting a treat a crossover for season 26. on nov 9 the planet express crew make a trip to springfield mission to stop bart simpson or in benders case whack him. wonder if the thing will have bender drinking at moes with homer later?

thanks to the house not taking up and passing the equel employment act the president wound up singing an executive order which is surely going to have the repubs screaming. the president signed an order giving gay rights supporters another little victory for equelity for the order bars employers including goverment contractors from discrimating against a worker if they are gay. bi or transgender. saying that it is wrong. to have that still happen . giving gays protection from winding up fired just for being themselves even though the thing just effects the federal government workers and not make it so where its actully legal in states to fire some one just for being gay including south dakota. which the equel employment act would do. as the president not waiting for the house to finaly take up the act which will not happen till the repubs see that better pass it so dems don’t use it to get gay voters to the polls enough to kick them out of power. the president signs an executive order protecting workers who are gay or bi or transgender in the work place. and the order does not include some being able to claim a religeous exemption like churches.

and the fall out from when former apple bees waitress chelsa posted a receipt her fellow worker got that had written on by pastor alois bell that i give god ten percent why should you get eighteen percent as a tip. with alois saying she was sorry after she was found out as the pastor when chelsa as a joke posted the thing to reddit. and winding up not only with alois calling the apple bees as demanding they fire every one involved but the thing made her a new viral senasation . with chelesa even saying funds being collected for her by some concerned friends and those who heard the story that she wants the funds given to her fellow former co workers. apple bees doing damage control siting the reason chelsa got fired for the thing is she violated alois privacy by posting the reciept online.chelsa said she tried and make sure that one could not see aloise singnature when she took the picture plus also made up a fake person to keep her privacy never the less apple bees is doing some damage control over firing a waitress whose only misdeed was posting a receipt that where a customer who is a pastor seemed miffed at paying the graduity of 18 percent aka the tip by writting i give god ten percent why should you get 18. and thus caused one waintress to lose her job and the pastor and applebees to be in firestorm people wanting chelsa to get her job back. and alois having to say she is sorry and praying to god for forgiveness over what she wrote on a receipt acting like she does not feel she should tip those in a the food service a certain set amount after she has given her tithe.

and unlike the former waitress at apple bees who wound up fired when she posted a reciept her fellow co worker got from a female priest who wrote i give a ten percent tieth to the lord why should you get an eight percent tip. a server at a restaurant called ginger men. had a real nice day tip wise as a couple left the server named mike shaft a real big tip of a grand. with the note saying to pay it forward which he did by sharing it with his fellow workers. not to mention he manage to even after shocked at the tip . still manage to finish his shift. and the tip after it cleared was handy for mike who used it to repair his car. plus mike is well liked and a good worker at ginger mens according to other diners and staff so the tip even if it was some one paying it forward and a surprise shows that good work can pay including in the food service industry where some times the workers are not treated they way they should. amazed the ginger men let mike be able to keep the tip since it was that large.

seems the senate forgot that congress passed a bill that said a online company like amazon had to pay taxes on what is bought by their customers if they have a presence in the state. plus the fact that the bill the senate is planning to take up this week that would allow states to be able to tax ones purchases online . would die in the house since it involves taxes. not to mention even if its a good idea and a new revenue source some what for the states the tax would be hard to enforce and collect unless the states would okay the government setting up something to track down what one purchase to make sure they are paying the tax or the online retailers like amazon put in the tax as automatic. as the senate plans to try and give states a new source of money by voting on if one has to finaly pay a tax if they buy something online . which will get killed in the house.

and bon jovi dream of nfl ownership is not dead yet as he with his partners have been given the info to make an offer on the buffelo bills who are for sale. bon jovi and his partners are one of the groups who the bills management are giving them papers to look over as part of making a bid for their team. which means should john bon jovi could wind up adding nfl team owner to his resume yet if the nfl and the bills manage to take his offer for the team. still in the running to be the new owner of the bills and worse maybe under bon jovi management bills fans could exerpirance the bills in the playoffs and making a super bowl bid . as bon jovi dream of nfl onwernship still alive with the bills wanting his offer soon. among other interested parties.maybe he should see if gene simmons wants on board too.

don sterling should at least be given praise for still having the balls to keep up what in the end will be a losing battle for the clippers ownership remaining in his hands. since not only did the judge rule against his lawers asking that the testimony of the two doctors who examined him per agreement that under the family trust allowed his wife to legaly take control since both declared him in the early stages of aliziemers. but sterling doing this lawsuit to stop the deal to sell the clippers for 2 billion and to make sure it misses its agust deadline will wind up doing nothing but have the nba board seiz control of the clippers any way and sell them at an auction so his stalling tactics and vow that the clippers will never be out of his hands are going to in the end be moot for one way or the others all know the clippers are going to be under new ownership either for 2 billion by the august 15 deadline or by who ever at the auction the nba has for the clippers as sterling keeps up the battle over the clippers final fate that he is too stubborn and aggrogant to know in the end he has lost for the clippers one way or another are going to be out of his hands and with new less controversial owners by the billion dollar sale or by the nba putting them up for auction not to mention sterling is wasting money on legal fees for this stupid battle and hurting his clippers more


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