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and things get a little cold on the flash as the latest episode had the flash get a visit from another of his rogues the coldest one of all as captain cold played by wentworth miller arrives as a thief and targests the flash by stealing a cold gun that star labs created to stop the flash if he would go bad and to say harrison is not happy knowing milo made it is  an understatement telling him never to do it again espicicialy when the thing kills . as the flash and felicity try a date both knowing that they have feelings for others her for arrow and him for iris who after getting blasted by the gun tells iris to not have any more secrets and that its kind of crazy and wrong she is dating edddie as he is her partner. as the flash finaly figures out how to take cold out only to have him flee and help bring in heat wave. as the flash goes cold with the arrival of captain cold in the latest episode plus a little visit by some one from arrow by way of felicity

and if rounds is smart he would look at what both daugard and kristie are doing since they both are showing to be leading and having more and more a good chance of both keeping their jobs on voting day. daugard mostly due to his opponent sue being really not a big name.  and same with kristie. as for rounds. he should take notes even though he also looks good to maybe take the seat. as both pressler and weiland now go after his record about vets issues. but mostly the politics in south dakota seem to show heavy repubs control come nov 4 which means no medicare expansion till daugard is out of office.

lot of bombshells dropped on the blacklist from red declaring war on a cartel mostly over his friend and allie mutaubu who turns out the cartel went after when he was little. to one of lizs guys being take prisoner from a family of crazies who when liz and rest come a calling they whack themselves. but the biggest bomb lis revealed that she has tom her missing ex held prisoner. with him telling liz when she does finaly kill him look him the eyes. plus liz also works over time to throw off suspesion from red that she tom and is pumping him for info on red. yes tom is back  on the black list and in the hands and at lizs mercy which is a bombshell waiting to go off if red finds out .

and guess scandal does not really hurt a canidate at least in south dakota given how heavy republican it can be not even the eb5 scandal as rounds seems to be the lead in the now last week of the battle for who will have tims seat now. that most supporters say the 5b scandal they don’t care about  that as much as weiland and pressler thought it would damage rounds he is still seems to be leading on who will be south dakota new senator after this week. which is interesting since harry reid would have to put up with him and would have rather never had weiland in the race at all.  pressler sadly needs a miracle. as rounds seems to still even with a scandal cloud leading the pact to end the battle for the south dakota’s senate seat.

and proving that even a church with rick and crew visiting sooner or later is going to wind up either with walkers at last or as rick and company finaly taught garret and his hunters after not only learning from a dieing bob that they want to eat them but also bob reveals he is infected with the virus and since they ate him tained meat they could be turning to walkers. so rick and crew wind up forming a plan as garret comes a calling thinking rick and Michone and some are gone proving he could have matched the governor in the creepy factor as even tyress gets into the action first putting bob out of his mistery but also  watching as rick and michone take down garret and the hunters the hunters become the hunted. and then carol and daryle vanish and beth pops up shown to at long last be some where could it be her abductor is Negan. as a church becomes a blood bath on walking dead.

if there was ever another reason besides the history south dakota would make by kicking out duagard and putting in the first woman governor of the state sue.  they would wind up with medicare expaned  at last under the health care act as sue made it known that it should be. which under dugard it will not till he is done as governor since the government will not okay his half expansion idea. plus as sue pointed out too it would help people and also south dakota is passing up some money for the expansion plus the fact it would avoid the issue winding up on the ballot in the future which given the support now looks likely sooner or later. as south dakota says expand medicare now. which relies on who will be governor after this week.

even though fans of board walk empire would proably love a few more seasons  . hbo deserves props for letting the creators be able to even end the series and say what until maybe a board walk empire film . say what they wanted  with the show as tonight board walk empire heads to tv heaven joining breaking bad and soon to be followed by sons of anarchy and mad men .  but this time tonight fans of board walk empire are preparing the hankies as the show winds up ending its run tonight and becoming another tv classic that had its time and left fans wanting more. the big question is how will the producers send off the characters bad fates of maybe happiness for some.

and now with just this week to go and the end thakfuly for those who are so sick of all the political talk and the ads . that besides who will be running the senate at last for the new congress that one thing is now certain that the price tag for the election is looking to top at 4 billion yes 4 billion and most of that from the millions of the super pacs that have come from scotus citizen united the biggie being the koch brothers trying to buy a repub senate. talk about expensive. and proving why super pacs have changed elections now.  the price tag when the vote is cast at last and all is done. looking to be 4 billion . a battle for government control costing now the billions to see who runs things now.

citing that the best interest of honey boo boo and her siblings are the main reason even though its also going to cost tlc major bucks by now pulling the plug on honey boo boo. mostly due to reports that mama june  is even though she denies it is dating a convicted child molester who also raped one of mama junes own relatives mama june says she has not had contact with the creep in ten years till pictures showed her with the guy popped up and tlc once they learned pulled the plug on the show even after filming a fifth season . a lesson for all reality stars if you want your show to keep going to keep you in that spotlight make sure your private life is  at least not any thing to cause a scandal including the nasty stupid choice like mama june made over her love life . for did she not think dating at guy who is a sex offender and even went after one of her own relatives would not wind up with the show and honey boo boo and all paying a nasty price for a poor stupid choice . the price being no more honey boo boo any reality tv show bites it due to one of the stars proving to have poor choices in boyfriends.

and thus at long last constatine arrived with right away John winding up with all sorts of trouble from an old friend contacting him in the asylum ravencroft showing the show is sticking and honoring the comic roots. by possesing a girl telling john to protect his daughter liv who is now replaced for zed. plus also bringing up how john wound up sending a little girl to hell in new castle . plus also even manny the angel sent to protect john and seek his aid stating that every one who has any dealing or befriends constatine dies. which he also says so too. plus also not only do fans get the teaser of the helment of fate a future apperance of doctor fate. but i noticed since felix faust is coming what looked like at least the wheel one of the things used for the demons three. as john works to fullfill his promise to protect liv who even helps him when the demon after her tempts john by saying let him go astra will be free and so will his evil soul but telling john nope that’s a trick and constatine shows that he is a master of magic and also pissed off by saying tell negra i am coming for him and astra since most of the show john is pissed off .  plus zed is introduced too . as constatine though showing that some of the magic may go off the rails by the pilot it looks like warners with time may have the three peat yet.  if nothing else they cast the right actor play constatine in live action. but the producers did say still no swamp thing for they don’t know how they could do him with out him looking cheesy and want the show to build to that happening same with doing hard choices.


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