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and not only has the cw flash tv series gotten a full season pick up but also the episode set up firestorm making his live action debut but first off in a flash back of the collider starting to explode and ronnie raymond one half of firestorm going into it to vent and stop it telling mio to seal him in which he tries to tell catlin and she says its okay the past is the past since they went to it to make it a makeshift prison its first occupant the mist. who can turn himself into deadly gas and his target joe which the flash winds up going after him . even risking death since breathing the mist is toxic and he gave the andidote to joe. plus joe learns iris and eddie are dating and after joking about wanting to shoot him says okay. as catlin puts her loss to rest and a new prison happens for future flash baddies. plus harriosn gives the biggest clue he may be the reverse flash by being in his secret room and starting at the flash getting his powers saying evily see you soon. and flash fans will get a whole lot of the flash now for its got a full season pickup . firestorm will have to wait till dec

and talk about fast season the battle rounds on the voice are now done. with a few of the pairings due to time not even showed. and once again just like one of parrnels former members when one of gwens team picks wound up not winning her round parnnel and gwen not only gave her a shoulder to cry on but told her to not give up for being on the voice is just a key to her  getting her career .as adam wound up taking delight when blake had to send one of his home and using the very last steal gwen wound up at the last minute saving the one lady adam sent packing even though both were good and it looked like she was going home. gwen hit the steal as the battle rounds now over and the final steal used. the voice is moving fast again for its season.

and not only does liz and the team have to deal with some guys who get ahold of the original version of the plaque where liz gets infected but lis has to wind up trying to stay ahead of red who starts suspecting she is hiding something behind that one door while he looks for the lady that his wife has kept hidden and kind of hinting later by watching some home movies of someone that other girl could maybe be reds daughter too a sister for liz? as liz and red go after the plaque. and stop the bad guys while red goes on the hunt for a lady who seems to hold  a key to his plans plus red gets ahold of a key to something. not to mention suspects liz is now becoming as crafty as he is . on the blacklist

even though odds are should the repubs manage to take the senate in few weeks.that the first thing they will do is move to repeal the health care act again this time helping the house even though repubs know that since a lot of people are benifiting from the act now that repealing it would have a payment  for them later on. but some repubs finaly have at long last accepted the act and now in certain states after dragging their foot and even though they hate the act they are now moving to at last expand medicare all  but south dakota still even if  a new governor would happen. as more repubs see the light and just accepting the health care act as permenant now and now taking part with it putting the medicare part in place at long last. even though the first thing if a repub senate happens repeal

and thus the voice is reaching the part where the coaches are running out of their steals as gwen hinted that she has the final one and by the next one could use it to steal one of adams battle round guys.and because of that the coaches were careful using the steal this time around. plus what has to be one of the only bad performance parnels one pairing doing your no good  sounded sadly like a couple cats screetching. plus  just when it looked like gwen would send one of hers home who the coaches were saying she sang like an angel blake used his steal. as another round of battle rounds had the coaches being careful knowing the steals are just about done. now which then means the knockout rounds soon.

and typical even with two weeks to go thankfuly now. rounds would prove to be following the old repubs way of thinking the paul ryan way by saying that he would move if he wins to repeal the department of education . and just give states block grants of funds. weiland and pressler are against the idea for they both know the states would use the money for other stuff and education a second thought including teachers pay for south dakota. they would booth look at trying to get better funding and also like common core. as education is now one final target in the two weeks left till some one wins south dakotas senate battle.

one would think that given the simpson’s tree house of horror was number 25 the creators would really let their halloween out. as they kind of  did for some of the stories from after finding a desk with writing on it bart and lisa are taken to hell where bart becomes a straight a student at hells own school including homer telling him for his final exam to torcher him and slice him up. while lisa winds up hanging with some mean girls and making it snow in hell. then they parody clock work orange with moe as alex even including the eyes with the cords thing. and the last bit the simpsons when things started disappearing wind up coming across ghosts who turn out to be what they looked like on the tracy ulman show and the ghost marge takes a liking to regular homer to the point regular marge whacks herself to be a ghost. in fact the house is sound crowed with simpsons ghosts. as bart kills lisa and lisa calls bart to fall from a tree . leaving maggie to be killed to join the family off screen by grounds keeper willie. as the simpsons celebrate halloween with the tree house of horror.

don’t know what is a little scary besides the simpsons still being around after all this time but its annual tree house of horror now is half way to being around and long as its  the great pumkin charlie brown when it comes to christmas specials still being around for new generations. as tonight the yearly tree house of horror arrives not to mention showing that that the show has been doing their annual halloween thing for now half a decade as this one is number 25  yes the simpsons have been doing their little celebration of halloween now for half a decade. plus tonights one has the show come full circle too as one of the stories has the simpsons encounter their original looks from the tracy ulman show where they got their start a the simpsons  kick off halloween with its tree house of horrors and its half way to being around and shown as much as a its the great pumkin charlie brown.   should be interesting to see how homer and marge and the kids react to seeing what they looked like in the early days.

proving that poltics can have the canidates be on the same page from time to time. just getting things done is the hard part now. as south dakota senate canidates rounds. weiland, and pressler and howie who soon will proably be out of the race . all agree on one thing now the senate in washington needs some fixing. rounds idea  congress having more oversight  of regulations  which is just like giving a fox the okay to go into a hen house. pressler and weiland getting rid of big money  of campaigns by a constitutional amendment which congress has tried and gotten no where. plus rounds suppport for an act that would allow congress  to okay any regulations that affect the economy over 100 million  asking for trouble .  according to weiland who sees it as a way to make congress more corrupt. as the  canidates battling to wind up claiming south dakotas senate seat in a few weeks now are in   agreement on one issuse the senate in washington needs fixing bad thanks to big money. but who ever wins won’t see that happening any time soon.

and now its just this week and waiting left and dc fans will determine if warner’s winds up doing a three peat due to the hype that like the flash tv show has been around the constitine  tv show that finaly along with grims season premire arrives this  week at last. though fans have to wait a little while since the show does not arrive till the end of the week friday. never the less. warners and viewers will see if they have  a three peat of shows featuring the dc universe  becoming a hit due to nothing but buzz and hype over it. plus for constitine fans if the show will do well enough so the producers can adapt the hard goodbye and also maybe have John come face to face with swamp thing  where the character got his start. but mostly will warners wind up having  a third hit to go with arrow and flash. with constitine at last joining the tv land scape this week?


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