proving that medical science is never exact when it comes to a definiate answer of what will help the body improve itself some researchers threw cold water on the study that says modarate drinking of alcohol  like wine to help lower some cancer risks and prevent heart attacks. isn’t true at all for they now said it doesn’t change things at all that those who were at high risk of heart attack or suffering from some cancer the study said the drinking would help some had no change at all  drinking or not.  the study the researchers at a california found only seven of the studies gave the results and some of the groups were tetertotlers plus those who quit drinking for heatlth reasons the researchers found that they still had a death rate even without the booze  though they say as always more studies will be done proving that research is always going on and that the results alway will very. and the researchers still say doctors who recomend modorate drinking  to some heart patients should continue cautioning them the risks of drinking. as always.  for science is always changing and varying results. just like the ongoing study of if long term cell phone use could cause brain tumors.  proving science is never an exact field.