even though smokers are the highest risk group for lung cancer . nicotine itself isn’t proven to be a cause of cancer. but those who use nicotine gum or the patch while they quit are actully according to a new study  hurting themselfs for the nicotine  may wind up undermining the effects of chemo drugs on the cancer cells. by protecting cancer cells from the mostly widely used chemo drugs researchers evealed at a cancer meeting. the study involved lung cancer cells that were treated with three of the widely used drugs gemcitabine cisplatain and taxol by putting nicotine on the samples. they found that the nicotinecaused the cells to increase production of a a protien pair known as xiap and survin that protected the cells from the effects. the findings  have researchers  ponder the possibility that nicotine supplements  given to help people quit may actully hurt them if they need chemo by reducing the power of the drugs by protecting the cancer cells. which could lead to smokers who are high risk for cancer may wind up having to go cold turkey complety for their helath. and this study won’t have the fda trying to recall nicotine from the shelves. the study may have smokers trying to quit wonder if they go the nicotine route are they willing to risk  of it they require chemo that they will wind up with the chemo not be able to do its job do to the nicotine in their system. and v is fifth at the box office with ice age 2 headed to number one.