for so long those who suffer from chronic fatique syndrom have  almost been told the disease that is still debated as if its actully a real aliment for its so hard to diagose and misunderstood. but that may soon change as researchers have found a link  that shows the disease is caused by something in a persons genetic makeup that reduces their  ability to deal with physical and pychological stress. the research is the first piece of evidence that genetics  combined with stress calld caus cfs and that the findings could now lead to better treatments and better means of diagonising the disease and even predict who are likely to develop it. ground breaking results as one researcher at the center for disease control and prevetion has said. the research was conducted by four teams who discovered among other things. those with it have higher level s of alostic load or stress hormone secretion blood presure  and and wear and tear on the body. plus certain genetic sequences in stress moderating genes for those aflicted by it. and woman suffer it at four times higher then men. as finaly chronic fatique syndrom has bene proven that it is a real disease and not in those who suffer from it in their heads as they have been told. and the queen of england turns eighty today. and has no plans to step down and let charles take control espically since most don’t really want him and are bringing up talks again that its time to do away with englands monarchy.