though i personaly wonder if the researchers who did the study actully were smoking the stuff when they were doing the research.for a study just out from berkley which should make pot heads happy found that those who smoke marijuna don’t increas their risk of lung cancer for the study found the tcb in the marijuna somehow kills off dyieng and aged cells before they become tumors. though the researches make it clear that the study is a free ticket to go out and smoke pot for pot can still cause dammage of neuro functions. plus the fda has already stated it will never approve marijuna for any medical use. and pot has highter tar and other chemicls than normal cigerettes. but the study found it doesn’t have any link to a higher risk of lung cancer espically with the baby boomer generation who are the highest risk group to be using pot. i still wonder if the researchers were actully taking part themselves by lighting up a joint for their findings for the whole study is one where you have to wonder if someone wasn’t on something and the fbi just tore down that barn where they are searching for the remains of jimmy hoffa.  though as the old song says thats one body that will never be found for those who made hoffa vanish weren’t going to be stupid enough to leave any evidence behind for jimmy is and proably got fed to fishes . though stranger things in cold cases have happend. wouldn’t be surprising if the fbi did find jimmy remains. at that barn.