finaly proving that cloning technology is perfect for stem cell research harvard medical has joined the race to clone human embroys to harvest for stem cells something that disgraced south korea willium hwang  was claiming he had done. the research is being done as a means to create stem cells for treatment of sickle cell animia and other blood disorders and is being done in harvads pedictric wing. making harvard one of the few doing the controversial research. with plans to next focus on diebetes and also eventually use as treatment for lue gerings disease and california is also pursing the tenquie. though its controversial over using cloing to create human embroys. and funding is not included for it in the funding bill that the senate has to finaly get the guts to vote on it. plus harvard has already worked on a tequnique using a persons own dna to turn into stem cells. this adds onto it since the technology is to make material for transplants. proving that even though the one who first claimed the idea was a fraud. that doesn’t mean someone else can’t try it. as harvard once again isn’t waiting for the senate to finaly give funding for stem cell research harvard is working on it any way. knowing how much catch up with other countries the u.s has in this field. for i have kept saying that the scientists could solve the problem of having enough stem cell lines by using cloning tecnology to make more lines. guess harvard belives the same thing.