one  thing i hate about having to go to the eye doctor is those drops he puts it to wash out the eyes for those things smart and turned one my eyes as a side effect from the chemicals yellow so i am sitting here looking like i have eyes of cat. till the stuff is done through my system. and my eyes are in perfect health according to the doctor.  just yellow from the drops.  and  i didn’t take that mask that is in my profile for contray to belife i am not wearing the mask all the time. for after all  you have to conduct yourself in public. symbols like that are best left at home besides it makes it eaiser for the doctor to do his work.  but eyes are operating normaly even if they look like a cats.  and two months left till v for vendeta hits dvd all versions wonder which version will sell better then the others. too bad the director couldn’t get alan moore to do some cometary on the film version of v but he hates hollywood more then he hates dc comics . so doubtfull he would do commetary on the dvds of any film of his work. though maybe the watchman film. since alan actully liked the script.