talk about a new way to stop a grown daughter from having her own wedding. a utah couple is now looking at charges for kidnapping their daughter because they didn’t want her to get married. the couple  lemaul and julia reid are facing kidnapping charges for taking their daughter to colorado so she would miss her wedding day for they didn’t want her to get married but the girl is an adult. they told her they were taking her shoppping but then drove 240 miles to colorado and kept her there . when she missed the rehersal dinner her groom called the cops who tracked them down and the couple was charged with felony kidnapping. and the bride and groom named julianna and perry myers did finaly tie the knot afterwards. and are expecting a baby in may maybe that is one reason the couple tried to stop the wedding. but julianna was relectant to reveal what was said on the car trip. though you would think since the brides parents were against her getting married they would have just told her they weren’t going to attend her wedding . for after all she is an adult and she felt it was right for her to marry her husband. but instead the couple kidnaps the bride and takes her on a car trip to col so she would miss her nups. even the d.a can’t belive the case or the the behavior of the parents. and doubtfull. the partents will be spending any holidays with the newlyweds. not for a long time for kidnapping is a felony with about 15 years in prison and the groom says that the parents didn’t object to him but it was other family issues. wonder what issues make a couple kidnapp their daughter before her wedding day. talk about a new way to stop a wedding the parents of the bride take her on a road trip to miss the vows.