even though  he is saying he will win election. the house ethics committe is contiuing the pressure on house speaker don hastings to resign for his invovlement in the scadal  that invovled mark foley having cyber sex with young white house pages. even though bush and other  republicans like bill friest actully are supporting hasert over how he handled the paper trail of foley even former secetary of state jim baker says hastert is being used a scape goat. but the ethics committe which is planning an investigation into the scandal and other republicans want hasart to resign for they are afraid this latest scandal  that they say will take weeks to investigate for subpenos have been handed out. and yes a few republicans are blaming democrats for lifting the lid of the thing. as plans are for the ethic committe to have the investigation done before the election. though most republicans are afraid that this scandal might have finaly given the democrats the last key needed to take control of congress and are trying to get hasart to give up his job over his part in dealing with foleys behavior . espically since doubtfull the house ethics committe will punish hasert at all for ethics and congress that is an oxymoron for haserts will proably get a slap on the wrist or a little censure when the probe is done. as pressure is contuing for him to resign for the good of the party. and two months till dungeosn and dragons hits dvd giving u.s fans of the show a legitimate copy espically for the radio performance of the lost final episode requim.