talk about politics making strange alliances. with vidoe lottery being another hot issue here in south dakota wiht an initive to repeal it. for the fourth time since all the other times the state has voted to keep it not  to mentiont he goveremtn budget a  big chuck comes from the revnue . but the issue has wound up for the first time ever opponents finding themsevles with a new ally native americans voters who normaly favor it but  due to failure to get a new gambling compact so they can expand   into other areas . the natvive americans tribe leaders say if they don’t soon get  a new compact they will for the first time ever join forces with opponents and actully vote to have south dakota repeal vidoe lottery. abd given who they are a big block of voters. the issue will come down to the wire at the polls. though its kind of interesting that the tribes are using political blackmail saying if they don’t get their compact to increase their gambling interests they will vote to repeal  vidoe lottery which is the same thing as the slots at their casinoes. in other words the tribes are willing to cut their nose to spite their faces not to metion risk south daktoa  having a big hole in its budget since video lottery revenue makes up a big source of funds. besides the issue has been voted on three times and alsways survived as this political season seems to be creating strange alliances.  and two months left till dungeon and dragons fans finaly get the series on dvd. which is interesting to see diseny start to do something with the  marvel animated library and what better then with dungeons and dragons