proably the only good thing to come out of the walter reed medical scandal is it has congress so outrage they are actully looking at making v.a funding like medicare funding which means they wouldn’t have to always vote on new funding for it would be automaticaly funded just like social securtiy and medicare are. for the scandal has congress looking at using the uproar to finaly unstallel some v.a priorities including better funding for vet health care. espically with vetrans returing from iraq and aphaganistan. to make sure what happend at walter reed doesn’t wind up repeated. though so far no legislation has been proopsed making funding permint which would boost levels since given how congress have to keep voting on funding v.a levels wind up frozen at last year budget levels making it like medicare would increase it a little. though the big issue would still be coming up with funds to make it happend but the scandal has congress actully thinking of finaly doing it. even though no bill is propsed yet and it would proably wind up getting opposed by bush. one thing about a scandal like walter reed it got congress pissed off and disquested enough to finaly put vetrans needs a top priority as it has always been but this time looking at making funds permement.