what ought to make peta people really happy and those who have considered becoming vegetariens a new reason to really consider it a new study says lowering  the amount of red meat in the long run can actully be benificial for ones health for the study states that  a lowring high saturated fats like cutting red meat to one meal a day lowers the bodys risk of high chlosterol  and some cancers though the medical proffessionals are not saying totaly give up meat just cut down on it. for after all meat is one of the four basic food groups. so if one wants a balance diet you can’t totaly cut out meat. though as dr. lawerence who headeds the study says replacing it with fish in barnese sauce sometimes will be good since high satured fats increase high chloerstaol and risk of strokes and a heart attacks. but lowering red meat intake  one may lower their risks he found in the study and the portions that the study recomends is 3 to four  ounce servings not the big 24 ounce steaks any more and also the study says to limit the amount of grilling meat too. due to the carcegens. they produce for turns out the study found the body can’t store the protien  found in the meat people are consuming and strains the kidneys trying to get rid of the access protien from meat. but doesn’t say cut out meat all togehter and somewhere peta people are salivating. for they belive animals shouldn’t be food. though if everyone in the world stopped eating meat we would have an over run of cows. for some animals are on this earth as food. the study is just saying lower the amount of meat for the health of the body.  like  haivng fish instead of hamburgers all the time or steaks and balance with grains and fruits.   though as with every study someone may find that this study turns out to be wrong . though right now peta people are proably happy and wondering how to use the results  to help their cause.