well looks like nasa little holiday mircle didn’t happend as the fuel tank sensors only one this time did the same thing during testing and knowing that it important to make sure a another shuttle doesn’t explode ver nasa decided that for the safety of the astronauts and the shuttle espically since the sensors monitor the ligqiud niotrgen int he engines to even though they really wanted to finaly get the much anctipate and biggest piece ever for the space station the wiat will have to contiue till jan for nasa hs decided to postponed laucning till the january window. which menas nasa techs and  shuttle enginners will have more time to figure out what is causing the vital fuel senos guages to not be doing their jobs. hate to say it but the shuttle is tryign to tell nasa its getting on its last legs it not going to be albe to hold out till retirement in 2010 for first the foam and now the vital fuel sensor gauges aren’t working right and nasas ruel is  if four of the gauges don’t workr ight no lauch for the shuttle  so the wait for the next part will contieu till january which is also when the worlds quiet and peace will end as nancy grace comes off of maturity leave jan 7 the queen lawer bitch returns