besides both pakers and Steeler fans routing and both hoping their team takes the super bowl title one thing most can count on is that some watchers will be spending tomorrow with a hang over for going over board. which means trying the old hang over cures. with a new study saying the best ones now are either take some aspirin that and according to the study from the jefferson university in phile from tests in rats the best hangover cure is now aspirin and a cup of coffee yes coffee and just when i thought i would never have to read about any more studing done on the most studied thing ever being coffee now this new test found that since the hangover causes a head ache due to the booze hitting the brain mostly the acetaldehyde researchers once they gave the rats just old aspirin mixed with coffee or some other cafine actully made the head aches go away a combo. though think most will use what they feel best works for them . as coffee and aspirin found to be the ideal hang over cure which no doubt a some super bowl watcher when all is said and done will need one. as coffee just can not be left alone keeps getting studied.  now as the ideal once used with aspirin hang over cure