and till fox confirms one way or the other that take me out is even coming back as a midseason thing . or is sadly no more trying to help the lovely ladies find love. the show had its season finale with love matches all around yes every one wound up with love from last weeks pairings saying they want more.  with each other. to  all the guys matched up who came off the love lift. and it looked like za za was close to finaly getting a guy. only to come up short. and one guy who made a crack to one of the ladies that the reason she has been on the whole season is she is too picky. when she said he did not like his pony tail. other wise he scored. and another guy scored even though he had a tattoo on his rear that said mother.  other wise the show ended with love all around and wonder if it should come back how long before all the ladies  get replaced and find dates and get as lucky as the pairs who helped the season come to an end . or the series if that is actully the series finale