picking off from last season. duke and nathan both survived for neither took a bullet since due to a guys trouble to wind up bringing conspircies to live including alien invasions and a metor hitting the town that magnetized the thing nathan and duke survived and decided to work together to find audrey who was tied up by some mystery guy along with the kids whose power was causing the whole thing mother who sadly wound up bbqued but not before telling Audrey the same mystery guy held the Colorado kid there months earlier. so the race is one to not only stop the kid from wrecking haven with an alien invasion which he does by letting them taking him. but also save audrey and the kids mother only to find the mother bbqued but save aundrey and start trying to figure out who the mystey guy after her is. and then when they go to dig up the grave of the colorado kid they find the body gone. empy which now has  me thinking already that mystery person after audrey is the colorado kid.  as haven is back.