now that belmont is out of play for the triple crown which means fans will have to hope year 38 is the year the streak is broken and the triple crown is finaly taken. come belmont . the only thing that fans can now figure will be taking place besides rose trying to be the first female jokey to win belmont. is that orb now being denied his triple crown shot by coming in sixth and losing the preakness. will be looking for some measure of revenge for oxbow who as his trainer stated got him paid to crush dreams of a triple crown run. plus oxbow will also be looking at repeating his preakness win and orb his derby win since belmont is out of play. besides horse fans proably come belmont see orb go for some revenge on oxbow denying him his chance to break the streak and win the triple crown. or both could be beat though unlikely and the triple crown could wind up broken like it was one other time with three differant horses taking a piece of the crown. as orbs new goal for belmont revenge on oxbow denying him his triple crown shot.