on a double dose of the simpsons. last night an old nemis returns and bart learns how painful it is to have ones friend vanish for good for in the first when bart is outriciesed at school for eating a frog including even milhouse not wanting to be seen with him. he winds up making a new friend the head of the falcone club only to find out the kid is totaly nuts and after an accident being sent away to sprinfields assylum. which had marge make a little bat man swipe saying the hospital he is going to is more the arkum asylum type hospital. aka the loony bin. never the less bart and the guy enjoy their friendship including freedom the falccon and then after he rides away bart says bye and milhouse comes back to make up. then in the second episode. lisa support for genitically alterned foods winds up with her bonding with none other then side show bob who is now a head scientist at the lab . only to later learn it was another plot by side show bob to get payback on the simpsons. yes side show bob comes back a calling after a long rest. as bart makes a new friend who is a little crazy as his pet and side show bob and lisa find something in common. on a double dose of the simpsons.