and this time adam did not get skunked as he manage to not only like with usher and skakira wind up closer to completing their teams with usher only having one slot left. adam two. and the contestants were full of power. from a lady who had shakira even walk up to her and talk to her to get her to join her team. which she did. to a few having blake and shakira fight for them. and another dueo that went with blake not to mention revealed they had a connection to him by attendign a music thing in texas by a doctor blake worked with . not to mention also tanya tunkers own niece auditioned for the voice. and one contestant though he did not get a chair had the judges shocked for they thought the guy was a girl. only nope due to being able to sing high a guy and was told come back again. as the judges are close to getting their teams finished. one more round. and the claws are out. would not be surprised if usher is first.