and till the the president and katherine decide to extend the deadline for having insurance under the act. again with it being now by eleven tonight mostly due to knowing the traffic on the website could get jammed and also the call centers helping people nagigate see themselves really swampped. one thing is certain a mad rush is now going on by people to meet the deadline to get signed up. as the clock ticks down for people now to have health care or pay a fine under the health care act even south dakaotans even though they are on the sidelines still due to the governor refusing to expand medicaid. other wise a mad rush again for health care till the next one when the deadline as is habbit since the act first went into play till the deadline gets exteded again. as a rush for people to get health care is now on clock ticking down to the deadline. and no doubt repubs are trying to figure out when to vote on repealing it again.