and kicking off the new season of america’s got talent. the acts came out to show their stuff and a few surprises from a guy who is 91 years old pulling a car with his teeth that had his brother and his wife and his girlfriend in it. howard said no but howie . hedi and mel sent him through. then came a guy who balanaces on his hands on stilts and went all the way to the ceiling got in. with a movie deal by howard for his kid then howard used his save on an act his golden buzzer. plus came dancers who used shadow and sf. and host nick pulled a fast one on the judges by performing as a mime and when the judges said no he let lose and told them to shove it and even acted like security was needed only to reveal it was him. plus a young singer melted hearts including having mel walk on stage and hug him. for turns out the kid has been in and out of foster homes since five. due to his real parents drug use and figured he would never find a family but did . and howie said agt family has adopted you and they sent him through as americas got talent is back for another season.