and thus the final six have been chosen on hells kitchen with the first black jacket going to joy who won the calendar slot and she and the rest of their team at least kashie started to work as a well oiled machine. plus joy also got a reward of eating with the hells kitchen winner where jason put his little plot for payback when one of the chefs wound up choking a little bit on the dish served him. nasty but other wise it was business as normal with the chefs catering a charity event having to have all their stuff out at certain time. only to get screwed by both scott and gaberial on fish. gabe to the point gordon finaly had enough and told him your done get out and not to the dorms leave hells kitchen for good out the front door first time gordon has ever done that on hells kitchen told some one leave during diner service. and with gabe gone that left the rest even though scott and jason were put up for elimination and given her meltdown melondy almost too. in the end all got their black jackets and the final six now for hells kitchen with my pick being joy or if she can hold it together kashia .