and thus the top forty eight acts were made finaly with the judges showing how hard their job is . espicaly when it came time to make some cuts. that included almost all the male singers going though nerves played apart in most of them bombing including the senior citien guy . plus also telling some of the kid acts sorry your not going on to radio city for the live shows and going for the million. the bands even though they still played original songs ticking off howie manage to do better. some go through. and the judges also had a touch call with the strong guy acts cutting among one of them the middle age guy who pulls car with his teeth did not make it for the next rounds. as Howard , and Howie. and Mel and Hedi. wind up doing the hardest part of their jobs as judges on americas got talent . makeing the cuts for the top forty eight for the live rounds then more cuts till the acts that are left to try for the million.