and thus after all this time the pressure finaly gets to jamie as not only when the final six wind up taking over a diner. and not only does gordon wind up with shades of hells kitchen from telling cutter and leslie to knock it off or he will send them both home to telling the blue team that their one dish that is cooked by courtny yes do no wrong courtney the front runner winds up screwing up . and it does not take ling and her and jamie after cutter and leslie  and liz win the challenge. and kristian wind up doing the pressure challenge which is to make the dessert cockle bush which is where one makes some pastries stacked high like a bush. and the three give it their go but jamies in the end comes out so hard gordon can’t even cut it and thus in the end jamie goes packing and thus leaving the top five for master chef now. and cutter still holds on . though odds are it will proably be down to courtney and liz  as the final two or christian and courtney.