not only did aig wind up cutting the final twelve down to the six who will go on but delt with the muppets mostly miss piggy running amok and trying to take over the show. as statler and waldorf  wound up keeping howard entertained.  as the top six who now go on to the final one by one were named.  emily west.  acro army.  quintivas .  matt franeo who is the only magician to survive all the way through to the finals. and sons of seridep due to fan save.  with the last pick the judges wound  up with a two to two tie vote for the last act Mel. and Hedi voting for miquel. and Howard and Howie voting for david and emil the celo due . so the fan vote determined the outcome which made miquel the last of the top six . the acts left going on to the finals and one walking away with the million on agt plus also the muppets showed up too.