even though the house has voted on delaying some parts of the health care act. including delaying having small business have to get into insurance pools.  the big priorty for congress to get done before they go running again till  the lame duck and new congress takes over. is spending bills. mostly to keep the government from shutting down something the repubs don’t want to happen for it would then wind up hurting them big time in the  mid terms including trying to regain the senate.  not to mention they shut down the government over health care.  but mostly to avoid a shut down . congress big thing is passing the spending bills. plus also giving the president the okay for the air strikes in syria agaist isis now. the official nod. as congress race to be done this week two biggies. okay for the president to use a military response against isis now with bombings. and avoid a shut down due to running out of money.