and spoiler warnings for those who did not see the simpsons season premire. but turns out the character who was suppose to die was krusties father the rev krustivky voiced by legend jackie mason . for after krusty bombs and is told he is washed up at his own roast he goes and asks his dad if he is truely funny only to have the revs last words be ehh. and dies. so then krusty not only feels dejected at the funneral that also had an appearance by side show bob paying his respects. but  it takes bart to make krusty see that his dad was indeed proud of him but could not say it . by taking krusty to the rev his dad went too and found him using krusties bits to make his congragation laugh.  as joining maud and mrs. krabapple in simpson heaven now krusty’s father passes and the simpsons no longer get jackie mason to work on the show.