and right now both sides the couples who finaly decided to challenge south dakotas gay marriage ban. and ag defending it still even after one by one states have said the bans are unconstitional and just accepted gays being allowed their right to marry as fellow citizens is a given. never less marty jankey is defending the ban in court right now with a judge who will decide to either dismiss the thing or for both sides rule a summary judgement that the state can either keep its assinine ban till scotus finaly rules on gay marriage at last. or the couples fighting for their right to marry in the state. get a judgement like other states the ban is unconstitional  plus also asking the judge to look on if the constitution does state these bans are wrong. and if a judgement is issued in the case. means likely an appeal and south dakota will be another state waiting and gunning for scotus and the justices. if dismissed which given how red this state is and sadly i see the judge doing it . then south dakota will have their ban still in play and have to wait for scotus  as gay couples in south dakota getting their day now before a judge trying to make south dakota  another state letting gay couples marry and be on the right side of things.