what really should have happen when futurama was still briefly being run on fox. with the simpsons  instead after all this time and following a few weeks after the family guy cross over. bart and homer and lisa and marge  wind up due to a time portal from bender wind up meeting and crossing paths with the futurama crew as bender is sent back in time to kill homer thinking it would stop a plaque of mutant rabbits that are destroying new new york. only for them to find out that its not homer who helped the creatures but bart for turns out when bart put a sandwitch in a time capsule it mixed its dna with millhouses rabbits foot and created the creatures who then have the simpsons suck to new new york where they decide the best solution send them into space so lisa uses a halo phone and plays pied piper while bender bounds with maggie and goes to the track and makes money. and then the simpsons are returned home with bender as a house guest waiting for a thousand years to return home. as for the creatures they landed on bersi omicron i eight. where lars and the misses are having a diner party with kang and kodos and then in a real twist or that the writers forgot that only one of them is female. when lars tells them the female one go console my upset wife both go after her. plus one bad part of this cross over is they sneak in seymour fries dog in springfield. still waiting.