and  proving that when it comes to being on the edge of invention springfield sadly turns out not the place to dare try  unless their goal is to help send mr. burns on his merry way to death by making his pocket book leak money by loss. as the simpsons found out when the co founder of paypal elis musk comes a calling after landing in the simpsons back yard and winds up inspired by homer as lisa winds up with a new role model . but when eli plans to have springfield help save the world wind up costing the town  including mr burns after learning that the profits he expected to make by having the plant convert to a clean energy source is not happening he is losing money and elie saying he does n’t care about money. mr burns is so upset he even winds up giving mr. smitthers the taste of the hounds twice. as the town turns on musk. and homer asks marge how to tell him he does not want to be friends with him. finaly getting him to leave town with lisa trying to follow only to be stopped as the simpsons get a taste of musk. aka the real life co fonder of pay pal. who finds the way to hurt mr. burns his pocket book real badly.