and talk about a record again for shark tank  two actully for the first person in the tank wanted money for his company that made plushes of kids art including pets and even gave the sharks one of them. and wound up with two offers by mr wonderful just to proably get him out of the business since he was coming off as delusional . then another one to help him out and he turned them both down. then came a  guy who created a new way to get bees for honey no deal.  followed by a lady who created a new way for babies to get the pacifier and got a deal.  then came a new type of shoe but the deal offered by robert needed damian who was out to come back in . since mark could not do it due  to deals with competiton and laurie was also out along with mr wonder ful. the deal was a no go. as the sharks wound up with only one deal made. on shark tank this time.