with only three weeks to go now before horse racing begins the quest to break the drought of no triple crown winner with the top contender for the derby being  a horse called international stew followed by dartmound at 2 to ones odds of winning the derby. derby fans who attend the derby at churchhill will find some changes in place this time one being a ban on the so called selfie sticks. and two no reentry will be allowed if some one even with a ticket leaves the stadium  they will not be allowed reentry the plan is to prevent fans from winding up with fake tickets like last year.  which means if some one were to leave the grounds for a smoke they would not be allowed back in unless they purchase another ticket and by then would be sold out . plus also banned besides those selfie sticks drones.  as churchill down visitors who will watch the first part of the quest for the triple crown in three weeks will find some changes in place this time one being no reentry if you leave the grounds . and no selfie sticks or drones.  three weeks and the first leg and quest to finaly have a triple crown winner begins.