and thus proving the new congress is really  has changed for the third time since the last few times the idea to actuly trim and cut the pension the president gets when they leave office citing that some make more money doing speaking engagments and book deals. plus also raising the pension a former presidents widow gets from 20 grand to 100 thousand grand.  the bill would cap the pension at  200 grand  and do away with allowance if the former president has an out side income like speakers fees. and unlike the last two times where the thing never even got out of a committee for debate the bill looks like it finaly has a good chance to at least let the house or senate maybe take it up or kill it according to its sponsor jeff chaffetz for he has a co sponsor and also heads the committe that is in charge of getting the bill proably to the full congress for a debate. reason saying saving tax payers some money . though odds are the thing will proably die mostly due to the repubs running for the president .