and picking up where the black list left off. red has been shot and liz and denbe are scrambling to keep him alive and get him to the hospital but red people have other plans and red is taken to the a make ship or where its found he has an collapsed lung and an artery is ripped and the one surgeon who can fix it is dead plus the hit squad is still coming so liz and crew escape to toms place and get help there only the guy who ordered the hit on red who turns out to be part of the cabal and the director of the cia won’t stop. while liz winds up under reds orders getting a hold of the guy who created the fulcrum and sees the names on it then uses it to save red. who then confesses why he hired tom to come after her he did it because in his warped way he cares about liz. as red fights for his life and the fulcrum gets put into play on the black list.