and now just three days after today and at long last much to gay opponents who now can’t file any more briefs days from now the justices of scotus hear arguments about gay marriage at last. with both sides going to argue no turning back no more filing briefs or delays or anything the clock is running out now hitting the 72 hours mark to go till scotus which to most has been a long time coming mostly for those waiting to read scalia descent if the justices finaly rule under the constitution that gay couples are allowed to be married legaly in june.  what his decent will be given his views on the issue. but mostly as the arguments now mean the repubs have run out of time trying to find ways to be able to be oposed to the issue to keep the old base but also have some wiggle room to gain younger voters of the base who are in favor including the presidental contenders like rubio . as at long last come this week the justices debate gay marriage clock is just about done now no turning back.