and thus proving they were not done yet with the lake placid franchise. the sci fi channel decided to have the crocs go up against the giant snakes of anaconda . and right away it does not take long for the trouble to happen . as both the snakes and crocs start taking care of business. while a evil ceo of the company that aflicted the anaconda on the world in the first place goes to lake placid to get the snake mostly because its gens contain the secret to not ageing. and she is quiet clear even when some of her hired help gets eaten and to the sheriff yancy butler returning for another round not to kill the snake even after she gets bit. while the snakes and gators also fight. then upping and matching the ceo nasty b factor  the gators main target is a sorrity with their leader being a number one a bitch. including saying when the anaconda crushes one of her soritority sisters to death she says daddy going to kill me over that car. plus also trying to send another one out to be either gator food or snake chow for the car keys . and she thankfuly winds up getting her commpence by getting eaten. though they finaly take care of both the anaconda and gators . as sci fi takes another trip to the lake placid franchise and throws in anaconda .