and now as all eyes are on scotus since in 48 hours from now they will hear at last arguments and be in june deciding  the gay marriage issue . which puts congress in a quandry since not only has congress gotten a bill that would make it so that scotus ruling would be ignored by congress as not the final word or any court ruling.but also no doubt mostly to appease their base including the ones running for president talk once the ruling is handed down talk of a constitutional amendment  to try and over turn it or some other bill trying to undo the ruling and making the states who banned the issue  be able to keep the bans.  but also risks for congress losing a key voting block in the next election cycle which is something the repubs don’t want to do espiclaly if they can get the white house as  the justices of scotus all from one case are about to put congress in a political quandry how to make it known they don’t favor gay marriage for their base but not come off and lose some key voter blocks doing so or come off as okaying hate by a constitutional amendment.