and  when after homer is digging in his pockets to pay his beer tab at last at moe’s he winds up with a roll of film that takes the simpsons down memory lane mostly over how bart and lisa sibling riverly begain straight from the moment llisa could start fighting a little bit including both taking marge and homer and a trip as they go chasing the ice cream truck and wind up on top of the tire fire. plus the ep also being a flash back showed ned with maud and a young rod and todd who when they wind up babysat by their grandmother with bart and lisa with marge and homer go on date they soon get a lesson in death when grandma flanders  croaks after bart says hell. and the shock kills her then after getting free from the tire fire the two go flying back home. and marge also reveals she secretly grew pot when lisa asked how they got a room for maggie. marge saying i gave up my room i grew my pot in.thought that would be something homer would say.