and the confessions just keep coming from red as when they get word that the head of the cabal the general is coming for a visit red and liz wind up going hunting. as the chief learns he has been set up by the cabal who have his wife step up and leak info. as lis and tom team up and make a play for the guys location. as the team has a traitor in their mists who reveals she was put on the team when after red leaves her to torture for info on the guys location of a captured agent. she takes off with him. as lis while in reds place finds  a picture of her mother and asks if red was in love with her. and also blocked her memory of the fire . red says yes he blocked her memory but will not tell her nor answer about loving her mother more fuel to the fire maybe red is lizs father. as traitors a new threat and more confessions by red on the black list.