even though jerry lewis no longer hosts the show one would think some how what is also been a labor day staple for so long. to to kids mostly a sign summer is indeed over and its back to school time.  but now the thing is going to be no more as the ones who control the mda telethon have said due to change in viewership and the sucesses the ones who created the ice bucket challenge for als research had. the mda telethon is no more the plug is pulled now from a broadcast on network as a way to raise funds to find a cure for mds. which is interesting that till jerry lewis quit  hosting he said he would keep hosting the show and quit when he said the cure has been found this is the last telethon we just now need money to produce the cure and get the paper work needed to get the fda approval to get the cure at last on the market. but since he quit that is not to be the telethon is no more but the ones in charge said they instead will look at other platforms like the ice bucket challenge version of fund raising. as a old labor staple comes to an end. the mda telethon no more retired. now plug pulled.