interesting if any one would restort to trying to pitch a car that runs on something other then oil and gas on shark tank of all places sooner or later. i would expect it to be ed bagley junior trying to get the sharks help in making more solar power cars. instead pat boone shows up with his partner and tries to sell the sharks on a car that runs on air yes an air powered car only to wind up having the sharks one by one backing out due to him and his partner not owning all the rights to the technology or the company but gets in offer from robert  provided he and his partner go and get the rest of the rights to the tech to the tune of 5 million he does not no deal. then came  a guy with a new type of diet food. no deal. same for a guy who wanted to make the way one has their glasses more cool no deal.  as the sharks wind up not only dealing with a new future type of car maybe but get a visit by music legend pat boone.