when homer tires of all the crazyness parents are going for their kids parties he starts to play party pooper and sabotage them only to have the so called party planner mafia come after him and say because of his actions he is blackballed and his kids will never have another birthday party which marge makes the joke of that bart and lisa will remain the age they are now so homer winds up agreeing to stop that by hosting a party for todd flanders  yes ned used as a punishment for homer. then he winds up learning some new repect for abe when some vets give homer a taste of his own treatment of abe plus abe reveals how he met mona. by since all he did in the air force was sweep turtles off the runway . abe decides to fly a plane that  every one calls a death trap and gets mona.  which the one bad thing of the episode is they brought back glen close to voice mona and does not say much.  plus the thing looks like stories mashed up fast. as homer plays party pooper and learns some new respect for abe.