and even with super girl and lucifer coming to fox and cbs. dc fans will now just have gotham arrow. and flash and i zombie in the fall as nbc after keeping fans waiting and even doing things like twittering for a second season and even a petition. wound up learning that johns powers were not enough the show will not get a second season plug got pulled even though the show did not even get a full first season either plus was put on the friday death slot  . which means dc fans will have to be without their fix of the mystic side of the dc universe unless the character shows up flash or arrow or lucifer on fox has some of the characters like the spectre show up there.  though warners and the producers say they are not giving up on the show and looking at shopping it else were. even doing it as  a netflix show . though they could try and get amc to have it as a companion for preacher. for the first target when nbc had the show on the bubble was looking to have the show on sci fi channel. not to mention the canceling is part of a house cleaning nbc has done that includes about a boy and state of affairs and mary me. as constatine magic fails nbc says no to a season 2 for now.