and shark tank will have its spin off keeping it company in the fall as beyond the tank got an okay by abc for fall. as for once some one said the one words the sharks don’t like to hear including mr wonder ful. i am not in it for the money as one guy who wanted some money because of his new break through in medical research  making fake body part better stated he was not in it for the money but manage to get a deal any way just because the sharks like the idea. then came a design thing called zoom. deal. followed by two guys who wanted a deal for all things tanning booths for beaches the sharks said no deal but the guys kept on talking.  then came a first on the show a company that makes action figures of some one using a picture sent them of their heads and a  3d printer making the person their own superhero. they wound up with a few offers and got a deal from mark. as toys and tanning and medical research came for the sharks on shark tank plus fans will get to see what happens after wards too as spin off got picked up .