trying to clear herself from the death of the senator. due to the cabal who did not like liz snooping. liz soon winds up  a fugitive as not only does red and the chief wind up rescuing her with tom also helping wanting to risk her away some where. but red decides to send a message to the cabal after turns out liz was given the virus. plus the one guy who has all the answers about lizs mother takes a bullet as tom and her try to get him to safety. while the chief learns that he does not have a brain tumor at all it was faked by the cabal who turns out the ag is part of the whole thing. telling liz and him i own the courts and the cabal controls the government which causes liz to shoot him dead and becomes a fugitive which also triggers at long last the memory of the fire that killed her parents. turns out she shot her dad who was abusing her mother and red saved her and blocked out her memory trying to protect her.  as red gets some pay back on the cabal by giving the fulcrum to the press. and liz goes on the run as the black list ends its season . with liz joining red on the black list.