and just like mad men simpons fans will see the end of a era tonight as the season finale now will proably be harry shear finale episode voicing his characters like ned flanders and mr burns.and skinner.  as harry revealed that he said nope to season 27 and 28 after fox said it renewed the show for two more seasons citing that unlike previous seasons the deal for the next two did not include letting him do what he was doing on his off time other projects. so he decided enough  and thus fans tonight will see and hear some of the simpsons like ned talk in their original voices done by harry shear tonight for the last time in the season finale.end of an era now .but given how long he has done the show like the rest of the cast one can expect harry to want to stretch his wings now and then .still . as the simpon’s season will end tonight with some of the characters talking in their original voice for the very last time.