and what no doubt will be debated now as much as the sopraono’s ending. mad men finaly shut off the lights and ended. with don spending most of the time after running off from his co workers in a hippie commune interacting with his loved ones by phone. which is where he learned that his wife betty was dieing of lung cancer from his daughter and that she wants the kids to be raised by an uncle. with betty telling don you care about the kids now as you do any other time. plus joan shows she does not need a man. by taking a risk of wanting her own business asking wendy to help who also found love plus what will sure to be the part talked about for a long time don seems to while having to work on the coke add seems to have come up with the old i like to teach the world to sing jingle by being one with the universe though left open to still debate. as mad men shuts off the lights and don draper and co go into the sunset .with another ending that will be talked about like the sopranos. and yes i know i should have said spoilers when i started writing this post.