and just like they wound up having to do at last with honey boo boo when they found mother june was dating a child molester. tlc is now facing  a new quandry and sex scandal with another of its shows. mostly what to do with 19 kids and counting now that it has been revealed that josh duggard sexualy moslested some kids including his sisters when he was young.  which has put tlc in a bind since the show makes money and is the highest rated show on cable. though so far they have pulled the show from the network. the quandry is do they cancel it or retool it so josh is not part of it any more  given the legal trouble that is sure to follow in the form of lawsuits.  even as the likes of mike huckabee are coming to defend josh and the daugards. as tlc now has to decide the fate of 19 kids and counting. cancel it and lose a small fortune and viewers that made it the highest rated show. or retool it with out josh and face a backlash for it looking like they support a potenial sexual predator . since they canceled honey boo boo over the same thing.  odds are mostly for the money tlc will keep 19 kids and counting on but josh will be gone.