and thus  even though the outcome like all the other times the u.s attorneys’s who have made roman their own white whale. only to be turned down every time to extradite roman polanski for his sex assault who even being told by his defense team time and time again he served his sentence per plea deal but fled because the judge was looking to go back on it. including showing the poland judge a documentary about roman fleeing . the judge has asked the u.s for more information. including even going to hear testimony from romans’s victim sam who says she and her lawer are preped to travel to poland. though given how roman is preping for a new movie and how beloved he is in poland being born there. odds are like all the other times the judge in the end will say to the attorney who refuses to give up trying to get roman back to the u.s  since all he would serve time for is being a fugitive. the judge is proably going to say no dice not extraditing roman. even as he asks for more info.