and even though the big thing about american got talent being back is that a hypontist even after getting two buzzes made it through after all mostly hyptonizing howie who is a germaphobe and made him touch shake hands. yes for once howie shook hands instead of the old fist bump.   the guy did it  by making howie think every one was wearing gloves. then came another crop of contestants from a pair of kids doing mc hammer the first act they made it . to a puppet who was in love with mel but got her saying no still made it. then a young comedian who due to  taking a baseball to the throat wound up with a stutter he manage to make it through to the next round. got the crowd on his side plus a group doing amazing stuff. and then came a  creepy person dressed up as a baby with a fake baby head and diaper he or she did not make it through got buzzed by all the judges. plus word now is pierce morgan is also coming back to the pannel now. as america got talent kicks off  a new season with howie even doing the impossible shaking hands to boot.